• Platform: Windows
  • Level of Difficulty: Intermediate


This document will help you publish your web pages to SAS web server stargate.rutgers.edu. The procedure assumes that you have already created your web pages either directly in HTML or using software such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

If you have any difficulty following this procedure, please submit a REQUEST.


  • Basic knowledge of designing web pages
  • An SSH client application such as FileZilla.
  • A user account and directory access on web server stargate.rutgers.edu


This procedure will use FileZilla to illustrate the process.  Other SSH clients may work, but the specific steps will vary.

  1. Start FileZilla by clicking the desktop icon:
    FileZilla icon

  2. At the top of the FileZilla window, enter “stargate.rutgers.edu” in the “Host” field (see #1 below), your NetID username in the “Username” field (see #2 below), your NetID password in the "Password" field (see #3 below), and "22" for "Port" (see #4 below). Then click QuickConnect (see #5 below):
    Connect to stargate.rutgers.edu using FileZilla

  3. If this is the first time you are connecting to stargate.rutgers.edu using FileZilla, an “Unknown host key” dialog box will appear. Check the box for "Always trust this host, add this key to the cache" and click OK:
    FileZilla: "Unknown host key" message
  4. Under "Local site," browse to the folder where you save your web pages (see #1 below).
  5. Under "Remote site" in FileZilla, browse to the directory on stargate.rutgers.edu where you have access to publish your web pages (see #2 below). If you are unsure of the location, contact your systems administrator.
  6. Select the files and subdirectories to be published from the folder where you save your web pages (see #3 below), then drag and drop them to the lower right pane of the SSH window to copy them to the remote server (see #4 below).
    FileZilla: Locate directories and transfer files to server
  7. When the files have all been transferred, you should get a "Transfers finished" message on your desktop.  You can click the message to dismiss it.

    FileZilla: "Transfers finished" message
  8. Select the top file or folder that you uploaded in the lower right pane (see #1 below).  Hold the [Shift] key and select the bottom file or folder (see #2 below).  This will highlight all the files you uploaded.
  9. Right-click the highlighted files, then select "File permissions..." from the menu that appears (see #3 below):
    FileZilla: Select uploaded files
  10. In the "Change file attributes" dialog box, change the value in "Numeric value" to "755" (see #1 below).
  11. Check the box for "Recurse into subdirectories" if it appears (see #2 below).
  12. Click OK.  This will make your webpages publicly visible (see #3 below).
    FileZilla: Set permissions on uploaded files
  13. Close FileZilla by going to the “File” menu and selecting Exit.
  14. Verify that your files have been successfully upload by launching a web browser and accessing the web page you published (if unsure how to do this, see the next section, Finding Your Website).

Finding Your Website

If a hostname has not been registered for your Stargate website, you can find it using this URL format: 


Replace "YOURWEBDIRECTORY" with the name of the directory on Stargate that contains your uploaded web pages.