"How To" Guides

Please use the links to the right to browse our documentation.  The most read How To Guides are listed below. This is a collection of computing information articles that are mainly specific to computing within Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences. 

For information about more general University computing, check the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and New Brunswick/Piscataway Computing Services (NBCS) pages.

Recently Added

  • Moving/Creating a Menu Item

    To move a menu item

    Scenario: move "test items" from Playground to Lessons

    Go to Menus and open the menu containing the menu item that needs moving. Change the "Menu Title" and...
  • Add Read More - Teaser Text (Joomla! back-end)

    If your article has a significant amount of text, and you want to display multiple articles on the same page using a Category Blog (Discussed in the menus section), adding a

  • Setup Ignite Gallery Profiles

    A profile determines how the gallery is displayed.

    The SAS Web Development Team can build these profiles for you if you are not able to.

    Normally it is a good idea to create 2