Before you start, identify your unit's calendar "Org ID" from the Rutgers Calendar of Events.  You can find information on finding or creating a Rutgers Calendar of Events Org ID for your unit here.

  • Log into the back end administrator interface for your website.
  • Go to Extensions -> Modules. See #1 below:

    Extensions > Modules

  • Click the Search Tools button (see #1 below). Then click Select Type and select "Rutgers Events" (see #2 below):


  • Click the title of the Rutgers Events module that you would like to modify.

    Rutgers Events module title

  • There are two ways of adding organizations' events to the module:
    • Click in the Organization Name field and either select a unit from the dropdown menu, or begin typing the name of your unit (see #1 below).  Note: your unit's ID will only appear in the dropdown menu if you have one or more events in the Rutgers Calendar of Events.
    • Add your "Org ID" to the "Additional Org ID Numbers" field.  If you need to add multiple Org ID numbers, separate them with a comma. See #2 below:


  • When done, click Save & Close on the top left. See #3 above.