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May 1, 2024

We are in the process of updating all of our websites so they will use a dynamic contact module to display contact on our academic pages.

Sample page:

sample contacts

The contacts module on the LEFT side is generated based on fields which are stored on the people pages in custom fields and tags.

To edit the people that are displayed in this module.

  1. Login on the FRONT END of the website (Scroll to bottom of page to login)
  2. Go to one of the People Pages (Faculty page)
  3. Find the person that needs to be edited


4. Once on the page, click on the PEOPLE FIELDS TAB

5. Edit the Contact Caption (this is displayed on the contact Module page)

edit person field 2

6.  To determine if the person is included in the Contact Module on Graduate or Undergraduate, click on the PUBLISHING TAB, select TAGS, and or remove tags as needed

edit person tags


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