Math Department E-mail Migration Scheduled - Moving to Rutgers Connect


We have entered the next phase of the e-mail migration process in Math. We have completed the data collection process so we're now moving on to user verification.

The link below will allow you to login and review the actions that will be taken to migrate your mail to the new system. If you entered your information into the RUMigrated tool, this information should be accurate but you should still review it to make sure that everything is correct. While things can certainly be fixed later, the transition will go more smoothly if we have the correct information up front.

Please check your information using this link:

If you see any problems please e-mail or submit a REQUEST.

If you did not use RUMigrated then it is especially important for you to use the link above and let us know if there are any problems because we were forced to
make assumptions.

If there are problems you must let us know no later than July 21st. You can contact us at .

Moving to Rutgers Connect

Once your accounts have been created in the new system, we will contact you again and ask you to login. This will allow you to notify us of any problems and give us time to resolve any login issues well in advance of the actual switch.

We are tentatively scheduled to start the first phase of the migration on July 22nd. This will include the initial copy of all mail that is over 30 days old in your account. You will still be able to use your account but you'll need to refrain from renaming, moving or deleting any folders until you've been moved to Rutgers Connect. You can continue to perform any actions you wish on individual messages.

The second phase is planned for July 28th. This is when all mail that wasn't copied in the first phase will be copied and all new mail will be delivered to Rutgers Connect. We expect that the migration will proceed smoothly as this has been the case in the other areas that have already migrated. If anyone does experience problems, IT staff will be available to help both on campus and through the use of remote support software for those off campus.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at .

More details will follow shortly. Please watch the SAS Rutgers Connect page for the most updated information and a copy of all official communications.

Thank you.
- Tom

Thomas J. Vosseler
Executive Director of Information Technology
School of Arts and Sciences Rutgers
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Scott Hall 226A | 43 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901