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The School of Arts and Sciences IT department provides Instructional Technology support to our faculty, staff, and students through a series of initiatives. We begin by designing and outfitting seminar rooms and classrooms with a suite of audio and video technology to fit the pedagogical needs of our school. Leveraging student and faculty feedback as well as the School’s existing infrastructure, we then maintain and enhance the in-room technology in an ongoing fashion in order to better position our faculty to provide an exceptional learning experience.  

Instructional Technology support does not end with the physical classrooms and their technological capabilities. To ensure that we provide the most engaging learning experience to our students, the School of Arts and Sciences IT department also helps its faculty learn how to best use available technology to create effective learning environments. Through pursuit of other projects such as high-definition video conferencing, web-based learning systems, and wireless screen-sharing, SAS IT continually seeks to advance the value of Instructional Technology.



Codebench is an integrated platform designed to manage the entire data science assignment lifecycle - from creation to completion, submission, and grading. Codebench seamlessly combines the functionalities of Jupyter Notebook, nbgrader, YouChat generative AI, and CodePost. It automatically syncs with the registrar system to add students and keep them updated. Students can seek help from YouChat AI on side-by-side windows while completing assignments. Graders can be assigned to specific students and feedback can be viewed, streamlining the entire process and making the old methods of managing assignments through Canvas and other means obsolete. Codebench can be accessed from https://codebench.cs.rutgers.edu

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