• Connecting to a Windows Machine from Windows with Remote Desktop

    How Do I Remotely Access my On-Campus PC?

    With Remote Desktop Connection, you can connect to your office desktop from off-campus and access all your programs, files and network resources just as if you’re sitting at that computer.

    First, you’ll need to know you’re the IP address of your office computer. To find that, follow these directions:

    Click Start, and in the search box type cmd. Next, click on the program cmd.


    remote access pc 1


    The command prompt should open; now in the open line, type ipconfig and press Enter:


    remote access pc 2


    You’ll see your IP address listed right above the subnet mask. Look for the number that starts with “172” and make a note of it.

    Once you have the IP address, and after connecting to the Rutgers VPN as detailed above, search for “Remote Desktop Connection” on your home PC and launch it.

    Enter the IP address of your office computer followed by :9833. (see example below).

    Enter the username as “RAD\yournetid, e.g. RAD\jsmith. The password is your NetID password.


    remote access pc 3


    Once Remote Desktop connects a window will open displaying your office PC’s screen.

    It’s best to use Full Screen Mode by clicking on the Maximize icon.


    remote access pc 4


    Once you’re in Full Screen mode you can use the minimize button to minimize your office PC’s screen or click on the X to close the session to your office PC.


    remote access pc 5


    If you have multiple monitors on your home PC, you can set Remote Desktop to use them when connecting to your office PC.

    Under Display > Select “Use all my monitors for the remote session.


    remote access pc 6


    NOTE: Please keep in mind that you should minimize or exist your Remote Desktop session before trying to use videoconferencing or calling software. If you run those software programs on the office computer you're remote controlling, it will use the camera and/or microphone on the office machine.

    You can also use these same directions to connect to an on-campus Windows computer from a Mac computer. Search for “Microsoft Remote Desktop” in the app store and install the client.

  • Creating Your NetID

    • Faculty and staff must create a Rutgers NetID. The NetID is a username/password that is used for many University-wide resources and is required for all members of the University.
    • Campus-specific instructions on how to obtain your NetID are available on NetID information page.
  • Docusign setup

    What is Docusign?

    "DocuSign is Rutgers’ electronic signature platform provided by the Office of Information Technology and locally administered by department staff who complete DocuSign training."

  • ESL/ITA Tracking System

    DESCRIPTION: This system is designed to track the ESL testing process for students/TAs. The system has a student facing interface, an administrative interface and a department interface. This system was created to quickly replace an insecure .net application that was originally tracking ITA information. The previous system was hosted off-site (non-RU) by an external vendor. There are three main functions that the system aims to handle:

    • Student Functions a.Signup for test, review test results, manage login credentials.
    • Administrative Functions a.Manage users, designate department viewers, input test results, create test schedules, manage student records, run reports.
    • Department Functions a.View student test results for a given department.


    • SAS English/English Writing Program
    • All SAS Departments (view only)

    URL:ESL/ITA Tracking System

  • Faculty Search System

    DESCRIPTION: The Faculty Search System is a system for allowing faculty candidates to easily apply for open positions and a system for administrative users to track these candidates. Includes document management, archiving and non-Rutgers user identity management.


    • All SAS Departments/Programs
    • Some non-SAS areas

    URL:Faculty Search System

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    You should first review the FAQ available on the OIT Rutgers Connect Site

    How secure is the new system?

    Microsoft has guaranteed that all data will be transmitted securely between our systems and theirs as well as between its own data centers.   It is also encrypted at rest on Microsoft’s storage. All information is stored in the United States and in compliance with federal information protection and security standards including HIPAA and FISMA. Users who deal with Protected Health Information (PHI) will have additional protections enabled on their accounts to ensure that data sent from the system is only transferred to systems with protections required for PHI.

    How private is the data in the new account?

    The Rutgers policy on data privacy have not changed.  Data stored in the Rutgers Connect account is protected by policy and with technological safeguards.  The Rutgers Computing Policies and Guidelines contain detailed protections regarding the use of the systems and access to data by both users and system administrators.

    Are we required to use the new system?

    The President has mandated that faculty and staff use Rutgers Connect for all Rutgers business. Automatic forwarding out of the system will not be permitted (manual forwarding of individual messages will work as always) and all official communications will be addressed to accounts in Rutgers Connect. 

    Can I use ScarletMail?

    The President has mandated that all faculty and staff be on one system and that system is Rutgers Connect.  No automatic forwarding from Rutgers Connect will be possible and this includes forwarding to ScarletMail (manual forwarding of individual messages will work as always).  While users will maintain their accounts in ScarletApps so they can continue to use the other features of that platform, all Rutgers business should be conducted through Rutgers Connect.

    I have more than one account so, if only one account is being migrated, what will happen to the others?

    Only one account is being migrated by the vendor we've hired to help with this process and that's what we're calling your primary account.  All other accounts that are on Rutgers systems are called secondary accounts and the RUMigrated tool will allow you to both specify a primary and provide details on your secondary accounts.  The vendor, in cooperation with OIT and SAS IT, will migrate the data from your primary account and SAS IT staff will help you migrate the data from any secondary accounts.  If you're using an account on an external system for Rutgers business (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, etc) we will help you with that migration as well.  If an external account is your "primary" account then you can either choose some other Rutgers account as your primary or select the option that says you don't want your mail migrated by OIT.  SAS IT staff will assist you with that migration.

    Do I have to use Outlook or can I continue to use my existing e-mail client?

    Rutgers Connect supports many methods of reading e-mail so users can continue to use their existing clients.  We do suggest that users become faimilar with the webmail client because that is the easiest way to access your mail from alternate locations and serves as a backup if there are problems with your client. For those running on Windows or Mac, Outlook is the best choice to take advantage of all of the features available in Rutgers Connect.  For users who don't wish to use Outlook or can't because they're running Linux, any IMAP compliant mail client should work with Rutgers Connect.

    How can I access the calendar if I'm not using Outlook?

    If your system doesn't run Outlook we suggest using the web client to access e-mail.  This is similar to the web client that most people use to access other calendars like Google Calendar.  If you're on a Mac you can also use the iCal software that is bundled with your system.

    If only active faculty and staff will be on Rutgers Connect, what system will students and retirees use?

    Anyone without an active employee role and is entitled to a Rutgers e-mail account will be setup in, or moved to, ScarletMail unless their department asserts that they have some other active role and sponsors them for Rutgers Connect access.  During the second phase of the migration process (Account Cleanup, Shared/Task account review and ScarletMail migration) departments will be consulted to determine which accounts should be dropped, migrated to ScarletMail or migrated to Rutgers Connect.  After data has moved, an alias will be created so mail sent to the departmental account will be delivered to the users ScarletMail account.

    Will there be training?

    Yes.  There wil be both online and group training provided.  The vendor that was hired to help with the migration will be providing training materials with supplemental materials being provided by OIT and SAS IT.  More information on training will be provided as we approach the date of transition.

    There's no place to enter information about our shared/task/become accounts.  How are those being handled?

    During phase two of the migration process, SAS IT staff will work with each area to review their existing shared, task and/or become accounts.  We will review each account and determine whether the account is still needed and confirm who should have permission on the account.  At that time we will also determine if the account will be migrated by the vendor or if SAS IT staff will assist you with migrating the existing data to the new system.

    How will mailing lists be handled in the new system?

    If you setup any mailing lists in your existing software, you will have to move them to the new system manually.  This is one of the reasons that we are leaving the old mail servers online after people are migrated.  Centrally and school maintained systems like mailman.rutgers.edu, rams.rutgers.edu and lists.sas.rutgers.edu will continue to function as they have.  We may look at moving these functions into Rutgers Connect in the future but we have no plans to do so during the upcoming migration process. The only change that will occur in these systems relates to the e-mail addresses on the internal Rutgers lists.  Lists that e-mail internal communities like all faculty, all staff, etc, will be updated to ensure that messages are delivered to Rutgers Connect.  For users who are already using Rutgers e-mail addresses, things will remain unchanged.  Users who have external addresses listed in the mailing lists (like Gmail) will have those addresses changed to their new Rutgers Connect address.

  • Guide to Rutgers Online Learning Management Systems & Services


    This document is a brief guide to the variety of online education platforms and services currently available to the Rutgers community.

    Rutgers has officially selected Canvas as its sole online learning management platform. All other learning management systems are phasing out and efforts are underway to migrate the academic community to Canvas. The Teaching and Learning with Technology group at Rutgers is working with schools and departments to schedule migrations of all courses to Canvas. Appointments for individual or group migrations can be made at https://tlt.rutgers.edu/schedule-appointment.

    Until the migration to Canvas is complete, however, there remain five learning management systems currently in use across Rutgers University (more information is available on the Rutgers online learning website: https://tlt.rutgers.edu):

    • Canvas: Canvas is an online learning management system that acts as an extension to the classroom. This system is very easy to use and provides features such as: access to Rutgers e-mail, mobile device apps, threaded discussions, and messaging. Canvas is the official learning management system at Rutgers.
    • Sakai (Legacy: New Brunswick & Camden): Sakai is a learning management system designed for helping professors supplement their courses with online resources, exams, assignments, and more. Sakai is used extensively by instructors in Rutgers-New Brunswick and Rutgers-Camden.
    • eCollege (Legacy: New Brunswick & Camden): The Pearson Learning Studio (eCollege) Learning Management System is a comprehensive, on-demand, online learning solution available for the delivery of fully online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses. eCollege is used extensively by instructors in Rutgers-New Brunswick and Rutgers-Camden.
    • Moodle (Legacy: Health Sciences): Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. Moodle provides a flexible tool-set to support both blended learning and 100% online courses. Moodle is the most frequently used learning management platform in Rutgers-Health Sciences.
    • Blackboard (Legacy: Newark): Blackboard is a learning management system used to facilitate teaching and learning at Rutgers-Newark.

    Curriculum Committees

    The SAS Curriculum Committee oversees the approval of new and/or existing online or hybrid courses while the Rutgers Newark and Camden campuses have curriculum committees that oversee approval of online courses for their respective schools.

    The Office of New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning works with SAS faculty, departments, and degree-granting programs, as well as partners within the University and in industry, to develop new programs in five areas:

    • Online Courses and Programs

    Master's Degree Programs

    • Summer/Winter Session Courses
    • Off-Campus Courses and Programs
    • Educational and Research-Based Product

    Online Proctoring

    The 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires institutions with distance education programs to have security mechanisms in place that ensure enrollment in a particular course is in fact the individual who also participates in course activities graded for the course and receives the academic credit. Rutgers makes available a sophisticated exam proctoring service titled Verificient Proctortrack that integrates with learning management systems such as Canvas, eCollege, Sakai and Moodle. Proctortrack is remote proctoring software that uses webcams to track student activity

    For more information on Proctortrack at Rutgers, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit https://tlt.rutgers.edu/student-identity-and-proctoring.

    Testing/Proctoring Centers in New Jersey

    As an alternative to technology-based authentication and exam proctoring solutions, academic units and faculty may offer traditional proctoring at on- and off-campus locations.
    More information

    Online Learning Management Support

    The following five departments offer online teaching certification programs, video caption, and text transcription services and tools to assist faculty in online pedagogy and course development.

    School of Arts and Sciences (New Brunswick Campus)

    The School of Arts and Sciences Office of New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning works with SAS faculty, departments, and degree-granting programs, as well as partners within the University and in industry. It provides guidance and assistance for online course development, Entrepreneurial and Marketing Award Programs, net revenue sharing procedures, and the selection of memorandum of understanding contracts. They also help departments find instructional design assistance and technical disability resources.



    Rutgers Chemistry department

    The Chemistry department uses eGyan, a web based platform that offers online recitations, lectures, and active learning sessions for use by chemistry students. This platform is currently only available to Chemistry department faculty and students with planned availability for other departments

    eGyan provides features such as a chat box, the ability to import PowerPoint & database files, virtual whiteboards, real time polls and quizzes, online recitations, virtual labs, social media, and webcam broadcasts. What makes eGyan different from other online learning systems is that it’s not asynchronous and allows students to interact with instructors in real time. Students post questions while viewing and listening to an instructor on a webcam using a virtual whiteboard to teach. The web browser platform does not require software installation and all content that is uploaded and recorded, such as virtual whiteboards, is archived for students and instructors to access at any time throughout the semester.

    The department’s staff will provide individual and group training sessions for faculty and instructors to learn the platform.

    Contact for info or account access:


    Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT, New Brunswick Campus)

    Teaching and Learning with Technology, a business unit of the Division of Continuing Studies (DOCS), provides online learning management training on the learning management systems at Rutgers that they administer and support: Canvas, Moodle, Sakai and Coursera. The online learning management services that TLT provides are:


    Academic Technology Services (Newark)

    Blackboard is the official learning management system of Rutgers Newark. Administration and support is provided by the Office of Technology and Learning Spaces, Network Computing Services provides support, training, and guidance in the use of Information Technology to the Rutgers Newark community, and the Office of Academic Technology manages the course scheduling process and general purpose classrooms in support of teaching and learning. The online learning management services provided by Academic Technology Services (ATS) are:


    Instructional Design & Technology (Camden)

    Online courses offered through Rutgers Camden are offered in Canvas, eCollege (currently being phased out), and Sakai. Instructional Design & Technology (IDT) provides online learning management system training and video services for Rutgers Camden faculty. The online learning management services provided by IDT are:

      • Online Training/Workshops: Documentation and workshop training sessions for Sakai, Canvas and eCollege are available through the department of Instructional Design & Technology.
      • Instructional Design: Instructional Designers are available to assist in selecting the appropriate tools, technology, and media to build specific course activities and learning objects that achieve the various course objectives and program competencies. Instructional Design services for members of the Rutgers community are free of charge.
      • Multimedia: Multimedia resources such as Kaltura video services and VoiceThread offer instructors the opportunity to add unique and engaging interactions to support their content. These applications are used within Canvas and Sakai.


      • Emily Corse, Director of Instructional Design & Technology: 856-225-6474, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      • Christie DeCarolis, Instructional Designer: 856-225-2859
      • Cary Finkel, Instructional Designer: (856) 668-4956



    If you have questions about an individual service, please use the contact information provided in the relevant section. If you have additional information that should be added or changes to report, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • How do I connect to a networked printer?

    Please follow the instructions on this page to install a SAS network printer. If you need assistance with installing a printer please submit a workorder.

    Windows Printer Instructions

    Mac Printer Instructions

    To install printers on a computer running Windows 7 or later:

    1. On your keyboard press the windows key ⊞ and the R key on the at the same time to bring up the Run command box
      Press Windows key + "R"
    2. Type in \\pcutsasprint.rad.rutgers.edu, then click OK

      Type in \\pcutsasprint.rad.rutgers.edu, then click OK
    3. You will be prompted for a username and password, enter in your username as rad\<your NetID> and your password, check the box for "Remember my credentials" then click OK; for example if your NetID is lebowski123 you would type in rad\lebowski123 for the username

      Enter network credentials
    4. A new window will open showing all of the available printers. Double click on the printer you want to install it. Printers are named building-room-printer, so for example the printer on the 5th floor of the Rutgers Academic Building would be sem15-5131-printer-01; some rooms have multiple printers so in those cases you may see a printer ending in -02.  If you do not know which printer to install please submit a workorder.

      list of printers
    5. Print a test page to the printer you just installed and check if it printed; if you need further assistance please submit a workorder

    To install a printer on a Mac:

    1. Download the correct drivers for the printer:
    2. Go to the Apple Menu and select System Preferences

      Apple Menu: System Preferences
    3. In the System Preferences window select Printers & Scanners

      System Preferences: Printers & Scanners
    4. Click the + button in the Printers and Scanners window and select "Add Printer or Scanner"

      Printers and Scanners: select Add Printer or Scanner
    5. In the Add window right-click (or control + click) in the empty space between "Windows" and the search field, then select "Customize Toolbar"

      Customize Toolbar
    6. Drag and drop the "Advanced" button to the top of the toolbar in the "Add" window, then click Done

      Add window
    7. Click on the Advanced button in the toolbar, then change the Type to "Windows printer via spoolss" and enter in the URL smb://pcutsasprint.rad.rutgers.edu/<printer share name>
      <printer share name> is the name of the printer you want to install, so for example the URL for the Rutgers Academic Building 5th floor printer would be smb://pcutsasprint.rad.rutgers.edu/sem15-5131-printer-01
      The list of printer names can be found here: List of PaperCut printers and drivers
      Once you have entered in the printer share name change the "Name" field to an easily recognizable name such as SEM15-5131-PRINTER

      Windows printer via spoolss
    8. Click on "Choose a Driver" next to "Use" and then click on "Select Software"
    9. Look up which printer software you need for the printer you are trying to install here: List of PaperCut printers and drivers
      Once you have found which printer software the printer uses type in the printer model number in the search field and then select the printer and click OK

      Printer software
    10. Confirm that the URL is correct, the printer has an easily identifiable name and that the correct printer software is selected, then click Add

      Add printer
    11. The printer has now been added, try and print a test page to the printer

      Print test page
    12. The first time you print you will be asked for your username and password, enter your username as RAD\ and your password and check the box for "Remember this password in my keychain"

      Remember this password in my keychain
    13. Check to see if your test page printed, if you need further assisance please submit a workorder


  • How do I re-activate Office for an off-campus machine?

    Microsoft Office 2016 must be activated using a license key obtained from https://software.rutgers.edu

    Connect to Rutgers VPN: 

    VPN Installation and Configuration Instructions

    Order License Key

    1. Log on to: https://software.rutgers.edu
    2. Under "License Types" to the left, click on "Microsoft EES Software"
    3. Select the appropriate version of Microsoft Office
    4. Click the "Items" tab at the bottom
    5. Click Add to Cart
    6. For "Delivery Method" select "Download"
    7. Click Checkout
    8. Verify your email and click Next
    9. Click Submit Order
    10. Select My Software from the main menu at the top
    11. Select Microsoft Office 2016
    12. Click License
    13. Find the 25-character key from the "License Info" field

    Activate Office

    1. Open any Microsoft Office application (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint, or Word)
    2. Click "File"
    3. Click "Account"
    4. Click "Change Product Key"
    5. Enter the 25-character key from the "License Info" field found under "My Software" on software.rutgers.edu (see above)
    6. After entering the key, click "Install"
    7. Click Activate
    8. Click "Yes" to allow "Windows Activation" to make changes to your device.

    If you are still receiving messages that Office is no longer activated, please submit a workorder.

  • How do I re-activate Windows for an off-campus machine?

    Microsoft Windows 10 must be activated using a license key obtained from https://software.rutgers.edu

    Microsoft Office 2016 activation steps are here.

    Connect to Rutgers VPN: 

    VPN Installation and Configuration Instructions

    Order License Key

    1. Log on to: https://software.rutgers.edu
    2. Under "Operating System," click on Windows
    3. Click the link for "Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade 32/64bitProduct Activation Required EES Agreement Rutgers-Owned Equipment Only"
    4. Click the "Items" tab at the bottom
    5. Click Add to Cart
    6. For "Delivery Method" select "Download"
    7. Click Checkout
    8. Verify your email and click Next
    9. Click Submit Order
    10. Select My Software from the main menu at the top
    11. Under "Microsoft Windows 10," click License
    12. Find the 25-character key from the "License Info" field

    Activate Windows

    1. Go to System control panel (Windows Key + Pause/Break)
    2. Under "Windows activation," click Change product key
    3. Click Yes to allow "Windows Activation" to make changes to your device.
    4. Enter the 25-character key from the "License Info" field found under "My Software" on software.rutgers.edu (see above)
    5. After entering the key, click Next
    6. Click Activate

    If you are still receiving messages that Windows is no longer activated, please submit a workorder.

  • How to change NetID password

    To change your NetID password, use the NetID Management Tool.

    If you have forgotten your password click here.

    For general information about your NetID, view the NetID and Services Activation System page.

  • I turn on my computer and nothing happens - what do I do now?

    • Wait a moment. Try your power button again, pressing firmly on the button.
    • Check the power cable coming into the back of the PC from the outlet or power strip. Make certain the cable is firmly seated. Retry the power button.
    • Check other devices that may be plugged into the power strip or wall outlet to see if they have power. If so, try swapping the power cable plug for the PC into another outlet you know is working. Try the power button again.
  • Insight

    DESCRIPTION:  The Insight system was created to provide everyone in the School of Arts and Sciences a portal through which data could be accessed and analyzed. The system will always be a work in progress with many more additional modules planned to continually expand the available capabilities.

    This initial release of the software synchronizes data from central systems once per day. Data that isn't available from the central systems will be maintained by the Dean's Office or the departments themselves. The system's ability to allow departments to maintain their own data is a key feature that helps ensure that everyone is working from the same data.

    An additional goal of Insight is to minimize the number of places where data will have to be managed. At present, if the Chair of the department changes, that information must be updated manually in several different locations. We are currently connecting the Insight system to the Joomla Content Management System, our Mailman Listserv system and to other software packages within the school. Once these connections are complete, departments will be able to have Insight automatically update their webpage, mailing lists, access permissions and any number of other sources of information by simply changing the information in Insight.

    For more information about Insight's capabilities and documentation on the use of the system, see the information below.

    View the Training Video.

    Please note you must have a Rutgers Box account in order to view this video.

    Sign up for a Rutgers Box account.

    Documentation:   Insight Documentation (pdf)


    • SAS Dean’s Office
    • SAS Faculty
    • SAS Staff

    URL: Insight

  • Invite System

    DESCRIPTION: This system allows users to manage an invitation list for an event. A single event can take place one or more times, and in the case of the latter the host can allow guests to RSVP or any or all of the sessions, or just one. The host can invite specific people or use a unique URL to allow guests to self-register. A host planning an event can also present several possible dates and ask prospective guests to vote on when it should take place.


    • SAS IT Office


    URL: Invite System

  • List of PaperCut printers and drivers

    Campus Department Printer Model Printer Name
    Busch Academic Services (Busch) Brother HL-L8360CDW bsc-172-printer-01
    Busch Academic Services (Busch) Ricoh MP 3554 bsc-172-printer-02
    College Ave Academic Services (College Ave) HP LaserJet 1320 milledoler-105-printer-01
    College Ave Academic Services (College Ave) Ricoh IM C4500 milledoler-107-printer-01
    College Ave Academic Services (College Ave) Ricoh MP 2554 milledoler-200-printer-01
    Douglass Academic Services (Douglass) Ricoh MP 2554 ruthadams-103-printer-01
    Livingston Academic Services (Livingston) Ricoh IM C2500 lsh-a211-printer-01
    Livingston Academic Services (Livingston) Ricoh MP 2554 lsh-a216-printer-01
    Livingston Academic Services (Livingston) Brother HL-L8360CDW lsh-a221-printer-01
    Livingston Academic Services (Livingston) HP LaserJet Pro P1606dn lsh-a225-printer-01
    Africana Studies HP LaserJet 400 color M451dn beck-112-printer-01
    Africana Studies Ricoh MP 4054 beck-112-printer-02
    American Studies Xerox Phaser 3320 ruthadams-001-printer-01
    American Studies Ricoh MP C4503 ruthadams-108-printer-01
    Anthropology Ricoh MP 3554 biobldg-204-printer-01
    Anthropology Ricoh MP 5054 ruthadams-301-printer-01
    Art History HP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dn coll60-201-printer-01
    Art History Ricoh IM 2500 voorhees-112-printer-01
    Asian Studies Ricoh MP 7503 scott-329-printer-01
    Asian Studies HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw scott-340-printer-01
    Center for African Studies/ASA Ricoh MP C3503 lsh-a354-printer-01
    Center for African Studies/ASA Ricoh MP C6503 lsh-b104c-printer-01
    Center for Women's Global Leadership Ricoh MP C3503 cwgl-102-printer-01
    Chemistry Ricoh MP 7503 ncb-1110b-printer-01
    Chemistry Ricoh MP 7503 wright-197-printer-01
    Chemistry Ricoh MP 3554 wright-370-printer-01
    Computer Science HP Designjet Z3200ps 44in core-302-printer01
    Computer Science Xerox Global Print Driver PCL6 core-302-printer-03
    Computer Science Ricoh MP 7503 hill-381-printer-01
    Computer Science Xerox Phaser 8860 hill-381-printer-02
    Criminal Justice Ricoh MP 5054 lsh-a339-printer-01
    Cyberlearning Innovation & Research Center Ricoh MP C6503 wright-a203-printer-01
    Earth & Planetary Sciences HP LaserJet M2727nf MF geohall-202-printer-01
    Earth & Planetary Sciences Ricoh MP C6502 wright-142-printer-01
    Earth & Planetary Sciences Ricoh MP 2554 wright-249-printer-01
    Economics HP LaserJet M402dn njh-102-printer-01
    Economics Xerox DocuPrint N2125 njh-201-printer-01
    Economics Ricoh MP 6503 njh-202a-printer-01
    Economics Ricoh MP 9003 njh-202c-printer-01
    Economics HP LaserJet M402dn njh-202-printer-01
    Economics HP LaserJet 400 color M451dn njh-202-printer-02
    Economics HP LaserJet P4515 njh-306-printer-01
    Edison Papers HP Color LaserJet M452dn taep-200-printer-01
    English Xerox WorkCentre 4260 arc-305-printer-02
    English Xerox WorkCentre 6505DN arc-322-printer-01
    English HP LaserJet Pro M501dn murray-009-printer-01
    English HP LaserJet M605 murray-108e-printer-01
    English HP OfficeJet Pro 8740 murray-108-printer-01
    English Ricoh MP 9003 murray-110-printer-01
    English Ricoh MP 9003 murray-110-printer-02
    English HP PageWide Color 765 murray-110-printer-03
    English HP LaserJet 100 color MFP M175nw murray-118a-printer-01
    English Xerox WorkCentre 6605DN murray-118a-printer-02
    English (PALS) Brother MFC-L9550CDW tillett-107-printer-01
    English (PALS) Ricoh MP 7503 tillett-107-printer-02
    English (PALS) HP Color LaserJet MFP M477fdn tillett-107-printer-03
    English (PALS) Samsung M283x tillett-107-printer-04
    English (PALS) HP Color LaserJet M254dw tillett-107-printer-05
    Douglass English Writing Center (Douglass) Xerox WorkCentre 5755 george135-101-printer-01
    Livingston English Writing Center (Livingston) HP LaserJet P2015? lsh-b104a-printer-01
    Livingston English Writing Center (Livingston) HP Color LaserJet CM2320nf lsh-b104a-printer-02
    College Ave EOF (College Ave) Ricoh IM C4500 milledoler-020-printer-01
    College Ave EOF (College Ave) HP Color LaserJet 4700 milledoler-020-printer-02
    Livingston EOF (Livingston) Ricoh MP C6004ex lsh-a223-printer-01
    Geography HP LaserJet 400 color M451dn lsh-b235-printer-01
    Geography HP LaserJet 500 color M551 lsh-b235-printer-02
    Geography HP LaserJet P4014 lsh-b235-printer-03
    Geography Ricoh MP 4054 lsh-b252-printer-01
    Geography HP Color LaserJet M553 lsh-b266-printer-01
    Geography HP LaserJet 700 M712 lsh-b266-printer-02
    History HP LaserJet M402dn vandyck-111-printer-01
    History HP Color LaserJet M452dn vandyck-111-printer-02
    History Ricoh MP 5054 vandyck-112-printer-01
    History Ricoh MP 5054 vandyck-112-printer-02
    History HP LaserJet P4515 vandyck-306-printer-01
    Institute for Research on Women HP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dn irw-203-printer-01
    Institute for Research on Women HP Color LaserJet 5500 irw-208-printer-01
    Institute for Research on Women HP LaserJet P3005 irw-214-printer-01
    Institute for Research on Women HP LaserJet P4015 irw-214-printer-02
    Institute for Women's Leadership Ricoh IM C6000 rdjc-303-printer-01
    Jewish Studies Ricoh IM C4500 csjl-101a-printer-01
    Jewish Studies HP LaserJet 400 color M451nw csjl-204a-printer-01
    Jewish Studies Ricoh MP 3554 miller-115c-printer-01
    Kinesiology & Health Ricoh MP C6502 loree-108-printer-01
    Latino & Caribbean Studies Brother HL-L8260CDW lsh-a246-printer-01
    Latino & Caribbean Studies HP LaserJet M402dn lsh-a252-printer-01
    Latino & Caribbean Studies HP LaserJet M203dw lsh-a257-printer-01
    Latino & Caribbean Studies Ricoh IM C4500 lsh-b201-printer-01
    Latino & Caribbean Studies HP LaserJet P2055dn lsh-b216-printer-01
    Linguistics Ricoh IM 2500 sem18-103-printer-01
    Linguistics HP Universal Printing PCL 6 sem18-105-printer-01
    Linguistics Ricoh MP 3554 sem18-bas-printer-01
    Math HP LaserJet P4015 hill-103-printer-01
    Math HP Officejet Pro X576dw hill-303-printer-01
    Math HP LaserJet P2055dn hill-304-printer-01
    Math HP Universal Printing PCL 6 hill-305-printer-01
    Math HP LaserJet 400 color M451dn hill-309-printer-01
    Math HP LaserJet 600 M603 hill-315-printer-01
    Math Ricoh MP 9003 hill-315-printer-02
    Math Ricoh MP 9003 hill-315-printer-03
    Math HP Color LaserJet M553 hill-318-printer-01
    Math HP Officejet Pro X451dn hill-322-printer-01
    Math HP Universal Printing PCL 6 hill-324-printer-01
    Math HP Color LaserJet MFP M281fdw hill-390-printer-01
    Math HP LaserJet Pro M501dn hill-531-printer-01
    Math HP LaserJet 600 M603 hill-601-printer-01
    Math HP Color LaserJet MFP M477fdn hill-610-printer-01
    Math HP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dn hill-614-printer-01
    Math HP LaserJet P2055dn hill-716-printer-01
    Math & Science Learning Center Ricoh MP 2554 arc-mslc-printer-01
    Livingston Math Writing Center (Livingston) Ricoh MP 7503 lsh-b104b-printer-01
    Philosophy HP LaserJet 400 color M451dn gateway-500-printer-01
    Philosophy Ricoh MP 6503 gateway-500-printer-02
    Philosophy HP LaserJet P4015 gateway-lib-printer-01
    Physics HP Universal Printing PCL 6 arc-233-printer-01
    Physics Xerox ColorQube 8570DN npl-2ndfl-printer-01
    Physics HP LaserJet P4015 physics-1stfl-printer-01
    Physics HP Color LaserJet M452dn physics-221-printer-01
    Physics HP LaserJet M402dn physics-221-printer-03
    Physics HP LaserJet 4200 physics-223-printer-01
    Physics HP LaserJet 400 M401dn physics-226-printer-01
    Physics Ricoh MP 6503 physics-231a-printer-02
    Physics RICOH Pro 8200S physics-231a-printer-03
    Physics HP LaserJet P4015 physics-2ndfl-printer-01
    Physics Xerox ColorQube 8570DN physics-2ndfl-printer-02
    Physics HP LaserJet 600 M602 physics-3rdfl-printer-01
    Physics Xerox ColorQube 8570DN physics-3rdfl-printer-02
    Physics HP LaserJet P4015 serin-287e-printer-01
    Physics Xerox ColorQube 8880DN serin-2ndfl-printer-01
    Physics HP LaserJet P4515 serin-376e-printer-01
    Physics Xerox WorkCentre 5845 serin-376e-printer-02
    Political Science HP LaserJet M605 hickman-413-printer-01
    Political Science HP Color LaserJet M452dn hickman-503-printer-01
    Political Science Ricoh MP 4054 hickman-513-printer-01
    Political Science Ricoh MP 5054 hickman-513-printer-02
    Political Science HP LaserJet Pro M501dn hickman-605-printer-01
    Psychology Ricoh MP 9003 tillett-101-printer-01
    Pyschology HP Designjet Z6200 42in psych-203-printer-01
    Pyschology Ricoh MP 7503 psych-205-printer-01
    Raritan Review Ricoh MP 2554 mine31-104-printer-01
    Religion Ricoh MP 6503 coll64-103-printer-01
    Rutgers Academic Bldg (4th Floor) Ricoh MP 6503 sem15-4136-printer-01
    Rutgers Academic Bldg (5th Floor) Ricoh MP 7503 sem15-5131-printer-01
    Rutgers Academic Bldg (6th Floor) Ricoh MP C6502 sem15-6164-printer-01
    SAS Dean's Office Ricoh MP 2554 bartlett15-100-printer-01
    SAS Dean's Office HP Color LaserJet M452dn bartlett15-200-printer-01
    SAS Dean's Office HP LaserJet 4240 ham77-001a-printer-01
    SAS Dean's Office Ricoh MP C4503 ham77-102a-printer-01
    SAS Dean's Office HP LaserJet 400 color M451dn ham77-106a-printer-01
    SAS Dean's Office Ricoh MP C3503 ham77-202-printer-01
    SAS Dean's Office Ricoh MP 2554 ham77-301b-printer-01
    SAS Dean's Office Ricoh MP 2554 scott-227-printer-01
    SAS Dean's Office HP Color LaserJet M452dn scott-227-printer-02
    Douglass SAS Dean's Office (Douglass) Ricoh MP C3503 rh-101-printer-01
    Livingston SAS Dean's Office (Livingston) Ricoh MP 2554 lsh-b211-printer-01
    Livingston SAS Dean's Office (Livingston) HP LaserJet 100 color MFP M175nw lsh-b304-printer-01
    Livingston SAS Dean's Office (Livingston) Xerox WorkCentre 3315 lsh-b329-printer-01
    Livingston SAS Dean's Office (Livingston) Ricoh MP 4054 lsh-b321-printer-01
    SAS Development HP LaserJet 400 color M451dn 1spring-323a-printer-01
    College Ave SAS Honors (College Ave) HP Color LaserJet CP2025dn coll35-102a-printer-01
    College Ave SAS Honors (College Ave) Ricoh MP C5503 coll35-102a-printer-02
    College Ave SAS Honors (College Ave) HP LaserJet 400 M401dne coll35-204-printer-01
    SAS Shared Ricoh MP 7503 1spring-248-printer-01
    SAS Shared Ricoh MP C3503 1spring-333-printer-01
    SAS Shared Ricoh MP C3503 1spring-434-printer-01
    Sociology HP LaserJet 600 M602 davison-007-printer-01
    Sociology Ricoh MP 2554 davison-117-printer-01
    Sociology Ricoh MP 5054 davison-123a-printer-01
    Statistics HP Universal Printing PCL 6 hill-450-printer-01
    Statistics HP Universal Printing PCL 6 hill-480-printer-01
    Statistics Dell 2145cn hill-501-printer-01
    Statistics Ricoh MP C8002 hill-558-printer-01
    Women's & Gender Studies Ricoh MP C5503 rdjc-205-printer-01
    Cognitive Science Ricoh IM C4500 cogsci-126-printer-01
  • Mac OS Updates

    imac retina



    Mac OS 10.15 Catalina update:

    Apple released Mac OS 10.15 Catalina earlier this week as a free download from the App Store. SAS IT recommends NOT upgrading to Catalina at this time as we would like to thoroughly test it for a month or two before moving forward with any upgrades.
    Some major changes in Catalina include the dropping of support for 32-bit applications. Older 32-bit applications will no longer work if they haven’t been upgraded to 64-bit versions.


    Mac OS Updates -

    All updates are now automatically installed from the SAS-IT Mac server. To configure your Mac to receive automatic updates, Please contact your departments Unit Computing Manager


    Download the latest Mac OS Ricoh drivers for our Ricoh copiers. For OS 10.9-10.14

    Download Cisco AMP Antivirius for SAS Macs

    LDAP fix- a quick script to reconfigure ldap to work with the University's updated LDAP servers. These will be going live on 6/21/2016

    LDAP fix for 10.9.5 Macs

    The latest DeployStudio NetBoot set for OS 10.11.2 is available here- DeployStudioRuntimeHD.dmg
    Download the dmg and use Apple's Disk Utility program (/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility) to restore the image to a USB key to create a bootable drive that will connect to our Deploystudio server for Mac OS imaging.

    NetBoot Script- Run this to access the NetBoot server across subnets. Mac hardware ranging from old Mac Pros to 2015 Macbook pros have NetBoot images available from macdc.sas.rutgers.edu. If you have Mac hardware that will not boot from this script, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have an appropriate Netboot set created. Once a Mac is rebooted it will be running the DeployStudio runtime software. Choose "Restore Master on Volume" option to reimage the machine. 2015_iMac_image and MacBook_Pro_2015_pcie support the latest hardware.

    Ricoh copiers and some HPs do require printer filters to be installed locally for printing to function. Run this script to install the needed packages- http://sasdeploy.rutgers.edu/mac/ricoh-drivers.zip for 10.8-10.14 and http://sasdeploy.rutgers.edu/mac/ricoh-drivers-10.7.zip for 10.7

    LDAP Authentication: This script will configure Macs for authentication through the University's LDAP servers- Rutgers ldap script

    Email scripts

    addthunderbird v3 script- This is for adding an RU Connect account to Thunderbird. This script will also hide the the users old Zimbra account. If you need to revert to the previous profile, copy prefs.js.bak to prefs.js. In some cases you may need to manually delete the Zimbra smtp server from Outgoing Servers, under Tools, Account Settings.
    addexchangeaccount script- This is for adding an RU Connect account to the Mac Mail application. Since Mac Mail is an Exchage client, it will also set up Calendars and Contacts. It does not remove the old Zimbra account which will need to be done manually, under Internet Accounts located in System Preferences.

     Mac OS 10 tips PowerPoint slide show- http://sas-it.rutgers.edu/dmdocuments/mac/osx.zip

  • MyMajor

    DESCRIPTION: MyMajor is a system designed to simplify the management of student's requests for changes in majors, minors and graduate dates. Through a customized web interface, students are able to login and view available majors and minors, read information about prerequisites and place requests to declare or change their majors or minors. In the same interface, students are also able to request a graduation date. For administrators, all student requests are placed into a "queue" that is color coded with full search & sort capability. Requests are individually approved or denied based on the criteria set for each major or minor. Departments are also able to login and approve or reject student requests for their departments.


    • SAS Academic Services
    • School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
    • All Departments

    URL: MyMajor

  • PubMed Parser

    PubMed Parser is a multi-departmental publication, author, and user, management system designed to accomplish the following:

    • Manage, retrieve, and display publications from PubMed given details for multiple authors across multiple departments
    • Allow for the customization and modification of publications retrieved by PubMed on a per-author basis.
    • Separation of users into groups that allow overlapping levels of oversight and redundancy when managing publications in the system.
    • Provide links to publication indexing services such as PubMed and the Rutgers Library to easily grant the maximum access permitted by law to publications for both university and non-university users.
    • Simple integration with new and existing departmental websites via an iframe and JSON interface
    • Maintain separate scopes for each author and department administrator – allowing users to modify and access their own information independently of one another and affecting records only related to their own department.

    Full Manual

  • Purchasing Equipment

     You can find general information on purchasing at the Purchasingand RIASweb sites.  Your department probably has its own policy and procedure, so consult with someone internally on the purchasing process.  Many technology-related items can be purchased directly from other units with in Rutgers.  The findTech Connections websiteoffers numerous hardware, software and peripherals at aggressive pricing levels. Personal purchases at discounted prices are also available.

    Printers: The University runs a bidding process for printer suppliers. SeeUniversityProcurement Servicesfor pricing. Please note these prices do not include shipping. Different shipping rates may change which vendor is most inexpensive overall.

    The University Software Portalshould be the first place you look for software. Many titles are available for free or at discounted prices.

    There are numerous external sources for equipment and software purchases. Ensure that you have exhausted your internal sources before looking outside the university. Your best price will likely be found internally.


  • Rutgers Guest Accounts

    Guest NetID Information

    RUWireless Guest Account Information