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Reordering Articles in Latest News Enhanced


"Latest News Enhanced" can display articles in either modules or menu items.



  1. Go to Extensions -> Modules.
  2. Click "Search Tools" and then, for Type, select "Latest News Enhanced".
  3. If there are many, filtering for  "Select Status" = "Published"may help in finding the one needing adjusting.
  4. Search for the module by title. 
  5. When found, click the title to open.
  6. Click the "Selection" tab.
  7. Scroll down the page and look for "Order".
  8. From the selection box, choose the ordering needed.
  9. Save & Close the module.

Component (menu item)

  1. Go to Menus.
  2. Open Main Menu.
  3. Find the menu item (e.g. Faculty).  This is typically the same as the title of the horizontal "Main" menu item's title.
  4. Click the "Selection" tab. 
  5. Scroll to bottom of the page and look for "Order".
  6. In the drop down selection box, choose "Title Desc".
  7. Save & Close.

Ordering Options

  • Console Desc:  the order articles appear in the Article Manager (descending)
  • Console Asc:  the order articles appear in the Article Manager (ascending)
  • Recently Created First
  • Recently Created Last
  • Recently Published First
  • Recently Published Last
  • Recently Modified First
  • Recently Modified Last
  • Finishing Date Desc
  • Finishing Date Asc
  • Recently Touched First
  • Recently Touched Last
  • Random
  • Popular (Hits)
  • Title Desc:  order by article title (descending)
  • Title Asc  order by article title (ascending)