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RU Courses Module

The RU Courses module allows the display of the course schedule for courses in a specific department, or courses by course ID number.

Below is a sample of the RU Courses Module:


1. Create the module in Modules

Create NEW Module, Type: RUCOURSES


2. Define Courses Module


Additionally, click the Menu Assignment tab and set Module Assignment to "No pages".

3. Edit Article to put the schedule in


4. Search for ‘course’, select the MODULE ID button to insert.


5. The article will show: and will display it inside of the article.


6. Rename the syllabus files.

Use the following naming convention:
YYYYsemester-school-subject-course.file_extension or YYYYsemester-school-subject-course-section.file_extension

  • YYYY: the four digit year.
  • semester: To indicate "semester", use corresponding number below:
  • Spring: 1
  • Summer: 7
  • Fall: 9
  • Winter: 0
  • school-subject-course: standard course number

section: [optional] If the section is not supplied, the syllabus will be treated as a default syllabus for the course and be loaded for any sections which do not have one uploaded.

file_extension: The extension can be pdf, doc, docx, txt. PDF is preferred as it will retain text and layout formatting.


A syllabus for 01:377:140 (Foundations of Exercise Science and Sport Studies) Section 06, Fall 2018,PDF format:

7. Upload the files.

Be sure to upload the documents to the "syllabi" folder on the root level of images.  If uploaded elsewhere, "RU Courses" will not be able to find them. 

To create, or check for a "syllabi" folder, go to Components --> JCE Editor and click the "File Browser" icon that shows in the center of the page.  If no syllabi folder exists at the root level (under "Home"), click the "New Folder" icon and create one named "syllabi".

  • Navigate so that you are in the "syllabi" folder.  When you are, its name will appear highlighted (left column).
  • Click the cloud icon to upload files.  More than one file may be uploaded at a time.
  • If a file was not named properly, it can be renamed here.  To do that, click the file then look for the edit icon in the right side of window.