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Smart Slider 2: Creating Slides with the "Ken Burns" Effect

I. Create first slide:

  • Open an existing slider.
  • Click the "Create Slide" button that shows on the left side under the name of the slider (under "Back to Dashboard).
  • Click "Layout".
  • Select the "image-only" layout ( see #3 - button with graphic that looks like a mountain and moon).
  • Click "Item" (see #2).
    • For "Active Item", select "Image" for Layer 1 (see #3),
    • Click the "Image" button and select the image to be displayed in the first slider.
    • Under image item settings, change "Ken burns" to on.
    • Click "SAVE" to the upper right.

smartslider active itemsmartslider new slide

II. Duplicate slide as needed:

  • Click the name of the slider/slideshow to be edited.
  • Under the text "Create slide" is a list.  These are individual slides. To the right of each slide name should be a green check icon.  Hover over the check icon until you see Duplicate and Delete.  Choose Duplicate.