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Adding Images to Events using JEvents File Uploader Tool

This feature requires an up-to-date version of the JEvents plugin "JEvents - File and Image uploads for Event Descriptions". If you find that you cannot add an image to your event, please submit a workorder to request us to install or update this JEvents plugin for your website.

  • Click on "Components > JEvents:
    Components > JEvents
  • At the JEvents Dashboard, hover the mouse over the left sidebar (or top menu, if the left sidebar does not appear), then select Manage Events.
    • JEvents left sidebar (larger browser sizes):
      JEvents Control Panel: Manage Events
    • Top menu (smaller browser sizes):

      JEvents 3.6.x: Manage Events icon (top menu)
  • Either click the title of an existing event to add or Add a New Event.
  • If the event you're looking for doesn't appear, click SEARCH (see #1 below), then change " - Hide Past Events - " to "Show Past Events" (see #2 below):

    JEvents: Show past events

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Create an Event page (or Edit Event page, if you are editing an existing event)
  • Under “Upload Image,” click Choose File (see #1 below)
  • Browse to the image location on your computer and click "Open" (or "Select" or "Upload", depending on your browser and version).
  • Under “Image Title,” enter a title for your image (see #2 below)

    JEvents 3.6.x: Add image to event

  • Scroll back to the top of the page, then enter the remaining details for your event on the COMMON and CALENDAR tabs.
  • When done, click SAVE & CLOSE.
  • You can now view the event with the image on the front-end.

    JEvents 3.6.x: Sample event with image