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Creating a JEvents Latest Events Module

JEvents is a Joomla! component which lets you create events and display them in a variety of ways. We commonly use the component to display future and past events. If you haven't already set up JEvents Categories and added Events, please do that before making the module. You can find out how to do that here.

This is how to set up a module to display upcoming events:

1. Go to Module :


2. Select the New button from the top left of the page: New button

3. Select "JEvents Latest Events" as the type of module from the list:



4. Give the module a title and a position.

JEvents Module

5. Click the "Menu Assignment" tab to tell it what pages to display on:

a. Click the dropdown box to the right of Module Assignment and select "Only on the pages selected" (see #1 below).

b. For Menu Selection, click "None" to the right of Select (see #2 below).

c. Click the check boxes for any menu items that should display the module when clicked (see #3 below).

Module Menu Assignment

6. Click the Module tab.  Under JEvents Latest Events on the left are options you can change, depending on how you want your events to be displayed. There a few layouts you may choose from, which you can flip through to see which you prefer. Select which categories you want to display, or leave it blank if you want to show events from all categories. There are 8 display modes you can choose from; the functions are indicated in the Display Mode dropdown menu. Most importantly, if you want to display future events, do not select "Past Events Only" from the Past Events Only menu. Play around with these settings until they are right for your website's needs. If you have any questions you may submit a work order and we will help you with the configuration.

JEvents Parameters (Part 1)

JEvents Parameters (Part 2)