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Visforms: Saving and viewing data

This procedure describes how to save data from a form using Visforms.  More detailed documentation on using Visforms can be found here.

Configure a form to save data

  • Log into the Joomla! administrator page for your web site
  • Click on Components > Visforms (see #1 below):


  • In Forms Manager, select the form that you would like to configure to save data.
  • Click the Result tab underneath the form title (see #1 below).


  • Make sure Yes is selected next to Save Result (see #2 above).
  • Click the Advanced tab
  • Change Separator to "Comma"
  • Click Save & Close to the upper left: joomla3 save-and-close button

Review your form data

  • In the Form Manager, underneath the column for Data, your form should now have a link that says Display Data:

  • Click the Display Data link.
  • Now you should see all the data for your form presented with the form field titles above the form submitter's information:

 Export data to an Excel spreadsheet

  • Log into the the back end Administrator interface and go to Components -> Visforms, then click Forms.
  • In the Form Manager, look under "Data" column for the linked number in the row for the form you would like to download data.
  • Select all the data by clicking the top checkbox above the column of check boxes (second column in the data view).
  • Select the Publish button for your form. The data must be published for you to export it. (see #1 below).

  • Now select Check All to select all of the form's data (see #1 below).


  • Click the Export button (see #2 above). A window will pop up asking you if you want to open the form:

  • Select the OK button (see #1 above). Now the form data will open in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can save the form to your computer if you want.
  • Select all the data again by clicking the top checkbox above the column of checkboxes (second column in the data view).
  • Click the Unpublish button for your form; this is highly recommended to protect your saved data.

What's next?

Set up a ReCaptcha to prevent the form from being used for spam. See step 5 in the "Visforms: Form Setup" page.