You can display a list of documents from the same category within an article. The list will automatically update as new documents are added to the category.

Create "DOCman - Documents" module

  1. Go to Extensions > Modules
  2. Click the green New button to the upper left
  3. Select DOCMan - Documents
  4. Enter the Title for your module (see #1 below)
  5. Click within the Categories field and select your DOCMan category (see #2 below)
  6. Click Save & Close to the upper left (see #3 below)

DOCMan Module

Embed the "DOCman - Documents" module in an article

  1. In the Joomla! Administrator page, click Content > Articles
  2. Find and click on your article you want your list of documents in
  3. Click at where you want your list to display, and then click the Module button below the content area (third button from the left)
  4. In the - Select Type - dropdown menu, select "DOCMan - Documents"
  5. Click on the ID number of the new module you created
  6. Click Save & Close icon to the upper left to save your article
  7. Your article will now display a list of all the documents in your selected DOCMan Category