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Hosting Options: Where to Upload a Video

Video Hosting at Rutgers

Unlike pictures and PDF documents, videos cannot be uploaded directly onto a Joomla! website. Instead, the video must be uploaded to a site that hosts video.  Once uploaded, the video can be displayed using the "All Videos" plugin.

Videos and Accessibility

All videos should be close-captioned before they are added to your website due to the accessibility requirements. Captioning is typically handled by the service providing video hosting.

Video Hosting

Kaltura Media Space - "Rutgers Media Space"

Rutgers MediaSpace is a cloud-based, YouTube alternative.  Along with video hosting, it also provides hosting for audio and images.  Rutgers faculty and staff may use the system to add content.  Hosted content can be set to be publicly viewable.

Support is provided by the Center for Online and Hybrid Learning & Instructional Technologies (COHLIT).  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the Rutgers Online Help Desk at 848-932-4702 during normal business hours to speak with a specialist.

Rutgers YouTube Channel

The Rutgers YouTube channel is managed by the Rutgers iTV Studio.  To submit a video, use the YouTube Upload Request Form.

Note that the Rutgers YouTube channel charges a for generating captions for videos. 

For more information, questions and concerns, contact the Rutgers iTV Studio using their contact form.

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