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Unpublishing and Re-Publishing a Document


In DOCman, you can unpublish a document without deleting it from your web site.  If you need to display the document again, you can easily re-publish it.


  1. In the Administrator interface, select Components > DOCMan > Documents:
    Components - DOCman - Documents
  2. If the document to be unpublished doesn't appear in the list, select the category containing the document from CATEGORIES > All Categories (see #1 below).
  3. Click the check box to the left of your document's name (see #2 below).
  4. Click the Unpublish button above the list of documents (see #3 below).
  5. The "Status" column will display "Unpublished" for your document, meaning that it will no longer be visible from the front-end of the web site.
  6. If you need to publish it again, click the check box to the left of your document name (see #2 below).
  7. Click the Publish button above the list of documents (see #4 below).Unpublishing and Publishing Documents in DOCman