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Uploading and Publishing Documents using DOCman (Joomla! 3.x)

This procedure explains how to upload, publish, and unpublish documents using the DOCman document manager component on Joomla! 3.x web sites.

1.  Uploading a new document

  • Click on the "Components" menu, and select "DOCman > Documents"

    Creating Doc entries Docman 1

  • Click the "New" button to the upper left: DOCman "New" button
  • You can either drag your file to the Drop a file here area (see #1 below), or click the Upload button (see #2 below).
  • If you clicked the Upload button, locate your document in the File Upload window. When you find the file, click Open.
  • When the document has been uploaded, the filename will appear above the text "Drop another file to update".
  • If you want to rename the document for DOCman, change the text in the Title field (see #3 below).
  • Select the appropriate category from the Category dropdown (see #4 below).
  • Click the Save & Close button at the top (see #5 below).

    DOCman: Uploading a new document

2. Unpublishing and Re-Publishing a Document

You can unpublish a document without deleting it from your web site.

  • In the Administrator interface, select "Component > DocMan > Documents"
  • Click the check box to the left of your document's name (see #1 below).
  • Click the Unpublish button above the list of documents (see #2 below).
  • The Status column should display Unpublished, indicating that your document will no longer be accessible from the web site.
  • To publish it again, click the check box to the left of your document's name.
  • Click the Publish button above the list of documents (see #3 below).

    DOCman: unpublishing and publishing documents


3.  Uploading and Publishing from the Front-End

You can upload and publish files from the front-end if all of the following conditions exist:

  1. You belong to a group that has access to edit at least one Joomla! category
  2. You belong to a DOCman group with front-end access to Upload, Approve, Publish and Maintain
  3. DOCman is accessible from the front-end

To upload and publish your documents from the front-end:

  • Log into the front-end of your web site
  • Browse to DOCman via the front-end
  • Click the Add document link above the list of documents and folders.
  • Follow the steps for Uploading a new document above.