It is possible to store, restore and compare changes that you have made in an article using Joomla!'s "Versions" feature.  Prior to using Versions, this functionality must be enabled.  If you do not see the Versions button when editing an article, please create a REQUEST and we can turn it on for you.

Once Versions are turned on, Joomla! does not automatically save versions.  You need to click the Save button before editing your article to create a version of the article that can be restored.  Every time you click Save, a new version will be saved (up to a maximum number, which is set at 10 by default).

Finding the Versions button

Joomla! Administrator (back end)

The Versions button is in the row of buttons above the article editor, to the right:

Versions button: Joomla! back end

Joomla! Front End Editor

The Versions button is below the article editing area:

Versions button: Joomla! front end

Restoring an article version

  1. When editing an article, click the Versions button (see above for the location of the button)
  2. Click the check box corresponding to the date and time that the version of the article you want to restore was saved (see #1 below)
  3. Click the Restore button, which should be the first button in the row of buttons at the top of the "Item Version History" popup window (see #2 below):

    Restoring a version
  4. The article will be restored to the version you selected.

Comparing article versions

  1. When editing an article, click the Versions button.
  2. Click the check boxes for the article versions you would like to compare (see #1 below)
  3. Click the Compare button (see #2 below):

    Compare article versions
  4. A "Compare View" popup window will appear, showing you the differences between the versions:

    compare view

Setting a version to be kept forever

 If there is a version of an article that you want to save forever, you can do the following:

  1. When editing an article, click the Versions button.
  2. Click the check boxes for the article version you would like to keep forever (see #1 below)
  3. Click the Keep On/Off button (see #2 below):

    Versions: Keep a version forever

  4. The "No" in the "Keep Forever" column will change to "Yes".