Ignite Gallery

Add Video Using Ignite Gallery

Recommended: Your video should be uploaded to the Rutgers YouTube Channel before proceeding.

There is an easier way to now upload YouTube videos and thumbnails onto your Joomla site!

ignite video upload

  1. In the file upload menu of Ignite Gallery now there is a field to upload a YouTube/Vimeo URL instead of uploading a file directly.Once you have typed in your URL press the submit button.
    ignite video upload2
  2. After pressing the submit button, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and see your video uploaded into Ignite Gallery.
    ignite video upload3
  3. You can click on the title of the new entry to make edits from here. You will see that Joomla automatically selects the thumbnail from the YouTube video. If you would like to change the thumbnail you can upload your own image. You can change how the image is cropped among other things.
    ignite video upload 4