Ignite Gallery

Setup Ignite Gallery Profiles

A profile determines how the gallery is displayed.

The SAS Web Development Team can build these profiles for you if you are not able to.

Normally it is a good idea to create 2 basic profiles:

Note, by default ADMIN users can NOT edit the profiles, if you want the Web assistants to edit them, this needs to be turned on in Ignite gallery --> Options button --> Permissions

Suggest that all images uploaded into a specific category are similar dimensions as they will always look better in the gallery:  either all 'landscape' or all 'portrait'.  A mix won't look as good.

Demo of NEW (as of 2/2019) profile thumbnail views

  • https://www.ignitegallery.com/component-demo/masonry-grid-layout
  • https://www.ignitegallery.com/component-demo/metro-grid-layout
  • https://www.ignitegallery.com/component-demo/square-grid-layout

Main Gallery Profile

This gallery will show a 'main image' with thumbs below it

Components -> Ignite -> Profiles ---> New Profile


Tab: General

  • Title: Main Gallery
  • Style: Plain
  • Image Swap Method: No Hash in URL

Tab: Main Image

  • Show Large Image: Yes
  • Max Image Width 800
  • Maximum Image height: 550
  • crop to same size: No (depending on the types of images put in)
  • Horizontal Alignment: Center
  • Vertical Alignment: Center
  • Desktop Transition: fade
  • Fade Duration: 500 (if using for a slideshow)

Tab: Main Thumbnails

  • show thumbnails: Yes
  • Max image width: 120 (this can also be adjusted)
  • Max mage height: 90 
  • Crop to Same Size: Yes (this will make them all the same), but if you want a nice looking justified grid set this to a No
  • show info below thumbs: None
  • hover effect: fade to gray (this looks nice)
  • Thumbnail layout: responsive Grid
  • Responsive Grid Type: Justified Grid

Tab: Main Other
This is where the slideshow settings are setup 

  • download image: None (unless they want them to be downloadable)
  • tags, and all of the buttons, default to NO
  • show slideshow controls: Yes
  • slideshow controls position: Left/Right
  • Slideshow Auto Start: Yes
  • milliseconds 5000
  • Image Descriptions, Show: YES, bottom or ON TOP OF IMAGE, depending on what they want

Tabs: Lightbox
These are the settings for 'light box' if you click on the main image the 'popup area', it depends what they want here