Ignite Gallery

Edit Images (Description, Alt Text)

While on the Image Listing Page…

1) Click Edit under Description or Tag

Edit DescriptionClick EDIT under Description or Tag

2) In the Edit Image Details page, you can set the following:

  • Description (optional)
  • Tags (optional)
  • Image Alt Text (required for accessibility; this can be the same as the Description)
  • Image Link (optional; allows you to link the image to another page or website)

Enter DescriptionEnter Description. Tags (These can be used to determine the image selection not required). Image Alt Text: This can be used to display text below thumbnails (the profile has to be set to display the text). Image Link: If on the click on the image you want to go to a different page or area, this is where it is set.

3) If you want to replace an image with another one, click Choose File:

Change ImageTo change the image, click on the 'choose file' button.

4) After editing the details for an image, click Save And Next at the top to edit the details for the next image, or Save & Close when done.