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Add Files into Article Directly (JCE Editor PRO)

This functionality exists in JCE Editor PRO Only. To request to have it installed, please create a work order, and we can install it for your department.Eventually we will install it for all departments, but probably not until the next Joomla Security release. If you want it earlier, please create a work order and request JCE Editor Pro to be installed on your site.

Inserting a new file in an article1. Insert/Add File Icon 2. Insert Edit Image Icon

1. Click on Insert / Edit File Icon

This ‘browser’ window works the same as the ‘image’ windows that we have used in the past. To upload a file, click the UPLOAD button.

Instructions on uploading the file in the article1. CLICK ON FILE (once it is uploaded) 2. URL - This should have the file name in it (do not change) 3. Title- Title of the file, appears on hover 4. Text - this is displayed in the article 5. Target - set to NEW WINDOW 6. Layout - Click ICON (so pdf icon will display), can also display date of document

2. Display in the Article Editor

Display File in Article

3. Change it so the PDF uses a POPUP Window

Click on the item in the editor, then click on Insert/Edit File Icon

File Popups Instructions1. Click the Popups Tab 2. Select JCE Mediabox Popups 3. A title can be added (not required)