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Chronoforms: Saving Data from a Form to a Data Table

This procedure describes how to save data from a form to a database table, using ChronoForms version 5.  More detailed documentation on using ChronoForms 5 can be found here.

Creating the data table

  • Log into the Joomla! administrator page for your web site
  • First, look up the Database Tables Prefix for your web site.  This can be found in "System > Global Configuration" on the Server tab.
  • Click on Components > ChronoForms5:

    Components: ChronoForms5

  • Ignore the message "Your ChronoForms installation on webdevel.sas.rutgers.edu:443 is NOT validated."  Chronoforms will still work.
  • In Forms Manager, check the box to the left of the form that you would like to configure to save data (see #1 below).
  • Click the "Create table" button at the top (see #2 below).
    Chronoforms: Create table
  • At the "Create table" page, replace the "#__" portion of the Table Name with the actual database table prefix for your web site (e.g. j17_ or j25_) See #1 below.
  • (Optional) Clear the check boxes for any fields that you do not need to save into the database. Do not unselect the "cf_id" field since it is the primary key!  See #2 below.
  • Click "Save" to the upper right (see #3 below).

Creating a table

Modify the form to save data to the new table

  • In Forms Manager, click on the name of the form with the new table.
  • Click the Setup button (see #1 below).
  • Click the Data Save button (see #2 below).
  • Change Enabled to "Yes" (see #3 below).
  • Select the newly created table name from the Table name dropdown menu (see #4 below).
  • Click Save and Close (see #5 below).

Saving data to table

Viewing the data

One the table contains some data from one or more form submissions, you can view it as follows:

  • In Forms Manager, click the dropdown arrow in the Connected Tables column corresponding to the form with the new table (see #1 below).
  • Select the new table from the dropdown menu (see #2 below).

Select form data table

  • At the Data listing page, click the check box for any data records you would like to view (see #1 below).
  • Click the View Record button to view the data in Joomla! (see #2 below).
  • Click Backup table to export the entire form to a CSV file (see #3 below).
  • Click Backup records to export only the selected records to a CSV file (see #4 below).
  • Click Cancel when done viewing or backing up records (see #5 below).


Data listing