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Moving/Creating a Menu Item

To move a menu item

Scenario: move "test items" from Playground to Lessons

Moving test item

  1. Go to Menus and open the menu containing the menu item that needs moving.click all menusclick menu item
  2. Change the "Menu Title" and delete the "Alias" field text.
  3. Instead of Save, click "Save as a Copy" (button in top row) The copy will be in the same location and unpublished - nobody can see it now.Screen Shot 2019 02 22 at 1.56.37 PM
  4. Move the copy to the desired menu by adjusting the Menu field.
  5. Adjust the Parent Item if it needs to display underneath another menu item.changing menu
  6. Now it should be ok to make live - choose "Published" under Status.publish menumenu item moved