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ESL/ITA Tracking System

DESCRIPTION: This system is designed to track the ESL testing process for students/TAs. The system has a student facing interface, an administrative interface and a department interface. This system was created to quickly replace an insecure .net application that was originally tracking ITA information. The previous system was hosted off-site (non-RU) by an external vendor. There are three main functions that the system aims to handle:

  • Student Functions a.Signup for test, review test results, manage login credentials.
  • Administrative Functions a.Manage users, designate department viewers, input test results, create test schedules, manage student records, run reports.
  • Department Functions a.View student test results for a given department.


  • SAS English/English Writing Program
  • All SAS Departments (view only)

URL:ESL/ITA Tracking System