This document is a brief guide to the variety of online education platforms and services currently available to the Rutgers community.

Rutgers has officially selected Canvas as its sole online learning management platform. All other learning management systems are phasing out and efforts are underway to migrate the academic community to Canvas. The Teaching and Learning with Technology group at Rutgers is working with schools and departments to schedule migrations of all courses to Canvas. Appointments for individual or group migrations can be made at

Until the migration to Canvas is complete, however, there remain one learning management system, Sakai, currently in use across Rutgers University (more information is available on the Rutgers online learning website:

  • Canvas: Canvas is an online learning management system that acts as an extension to the classroom. This system is very easy to use and provides features such as: access to Rutgers e-mail, mobile device apps, threaded discussions, and messaging. Canvas is the official learning management system at Rutgers.
  • Sakai: Sakai is used extensively by instructors in Rutgers-New Brunswick and Rutgers-Camden and Spring, Fall 2021 is the last semester for instructors to use Sakai for credited courses.

Curriculum Committees

The SAS Curriculum Committee oversees the approval of new and/or existing online or hybrid courses while the Rutgers Newark and Camden campuses have curriculum committees that oversee approval of online courses for their respective schools.

The Office of New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning works with SAS faculty, departments, and degree-granting programs, as well as partners within the University and in industry, to develop new programs in five areas:

  • Online Courses and Programs

Master's Degree Programs

  • Summer/Winter Session Courses
  • Off-Campus Courses and Programs
  • Educational and Research-Based Product

Online Proctoring

The 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires institutions with distance education programs to have security mechanisms in place that ensure enrollment in a particular course is in fact the individual who also participates in course activities graded for the course and receives the academic credit. Rutgers makes available a sophisticated exam proctoring service titled Verificient Proctortrack that integrates with learning management systems such as Canvas, eCollege, Sakai and Moodle. Proctortrack is remote proctoring software that uses webcams to track student activity

For more information on Proctortrack at Rutgers, contact or visit

Online Learning Management Support

The following three departments offer online teaching certification programs, video caption, and text transcription services and tools to assist faculty in online pedagogy and course development.

School of Arts and Sciences (New Brunswick Campus)

The School of Arts and Sciences Office of New Program Initiatives & Digital Learning works with SAS faculty, departments, and degree-granting programs, as well as partners within the University and in industry. It provides guidance and assistance for online course development, Entrepreneurial and Marketing Award Programs, net revenue sharing procedures, and the selection of memorandum of understanding contracts. They also help departments find instructional design assistance and technical disability resources.



Teaching and learning with Technology

The focus of the Rutgers Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) is to enhance the efficacy, efficiency and overall satisfaction of the Online Learning community; comprised of administrators, educators, students and lifelong learners of different ages and computer expertise. The online leaning management services provided by TLT are:

    • Instructional Design and Technology Support: a course designed to create Canvas course templates and customized leaning workshops.
    • Gamification and Immersive Design: works with faculty, staff and students within Rutgers community to build innovative games, immersive technologies, and engaging experiences to improve education.
    • Media Production: provides multimedia services in support of learning and educational goals of the Rutgers academic community.
    • Coursera: Rutgers is currently partnered with Coursera, one of the pioneering platforms, whose motto is to "provide universal access to the world's best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses for anyone to take." Through this partnership Rutgers has produced Massive Open Online Courses ( MOOCs) from its Signature Course series, which are available to students across the globe.
    • Virtual Lab and Simulation Services: Our services provide faculty and departments support to adapt their labs to be more accessible and inclusive. We can help with evaluating your current activities or helping you plan for remote access to labs and lab activities across many fields from medical, engineering, to the social sciences.

Academic Technology Services (Newark)

Canvas is the official learning management system of Rutgers Newark. Administration and support is provided by the Office of Technology and Learning Spaces, Network Computing Services provides support, training, and guidance in the use of Information Technology to the Rutgers Newark community, and the Office of Academic Technology manages the course scheduling process and general purpose classrooms in support of teaching and learning. The online learning management services provided by Academic Technology Services (ATS) are:

Support and Training: ATS provides faculty support and training for Canvas. Access to Canvas, documentation, and workshop training sessions are at:


Instructional Design & Technology (Camden)

Online courses offered through Rutgers Camden are offered in Canvas, eCollege and Sakai. Instructional Design & Technology (IDT) provides online learning management system training and video services for Rutgers Camden faculty. The online learning management services provided by IDT are:

    • Online Training/Workshops: Documentation and workshop training sessions for Sakai, Canvas and eCollege are available through the department of Instructional Design & Technology.
    • Instructional Design: Instructional Designers are available to assist in selecting the appropriate tools, technology, and media to build specific course activities and learning objects that achieve the various course objectives and program competencies. Instructional Design services for members of the Rutgers community are free of charge.
    • Multimedia: Multimedia resources such as Kaltura video services and VoiceThread offer instructors the opportunity to add unique and engaging interactions to support their content. These applications are used within Canvas and Sakai.


    • Emily Corse, Director of Instructional Design & Technology: 856-225-6474,
    • Christie DeCarolis, Instructional Designer: 856-225-2859
    • Cary Finkel, Instructional Designer: (856) 668-4956



If you have questions about an individual service, please use the contact information provided in the relevant section. If you have additional information that should be added or changes to report, please send an e-mail to .