Printing and Photocopying

Printing and Photocopying

Please follow the instructions on this page to install a SAS network printer. If you need assistance with installing a printer please SUBMIT REQUEST.

Windows Printer Instructions

Mac Printer Instructions

To install printers on a computer running Windows 7 or later:

  1. On your keyboard press the windows key ⊞ and the R key on the at the same time to bring up the Run command box
    Press Windows key + "R"
  2. Type in \\, then click OK

    Type in \\, then click OK
  3. You will be prompted for a username and password, enter in your username as rad\<your NetID> and your password, check the box for "Remember my credentials" then click OK; for example if your NetID is lebowski123 you would type in rad\lebowski123 for the username

    Enter network credentials
  4. A new window will open showing all of the available printers. Double click on the printer you want to install it. Printers are named building-room-printer, so for example the printer on the 5th floor of the Rutgers Academic Building would be sem15-5131-printer-01; some rooms have multiple printers so in those cases you may see a printer ending in -02.  If you do not know which printer to install please SUBMIT REQUEST.

    list of printers
  5. Print a test page to the printer you just installed and check if it printed; if you need further assistance please SUBMIT REQUEST

To install a printer on a Mac:

  1. Download the correct drivers for the printer:
  2. Go to the Apple Menu and select System Preferences

    Apple Menu: System Preferences
  3. In the System Preferences window select Printers & Scanners

    System Preferences: Printers & Scanners
  4. Click the + button in the Printers and Scanners window and select "Add Printer or Scanner"

    Printers and Scanners: select Add Printer or Scanner
  5. In the Add window right-click (or control + click) in the empty space between "Windows" and the search field, then select "Customize Toolbar"

    Customize Toolbar
  6. Drag and drop the "Advanced" button to the top of the toolbar in the "Add" window, then click Done

    Add window
  7. Click on the Advanced button in the toolbar, then change the Type to "Windows printer via spoolss" and enter in the URL smb://<printer share name>
    <printer share name> is the name of the printer you want to install, so for example the URL for the Rutgers Academic Building 5th floor printer would be smb://
    The list of printer names can be found here: List of PaperCut printers and drivers
    Once you have entered in the printer share name change the "Name" field to an easily recognizable name such as SEM15-5131-PRINTER

    Windows printer via spoolss
  8. Click on "Choose a Driver" next to "Use" and then click on "Select Software"
  9. Look up which printer software you need for the printer you are trying to install here: List of PaperCut printers and drivers
    Once you have found which printer software the printer uses type in the printer model number in the search field and then select the printer and click OK

    Printer software
  10. Confirm that the URL is correct, the printer has an easily identifiable name and that the correct printer software is selected, then click Add

    Add printer
  11. The printer has now been added, try and print a test page to the printer

    Print test page
  12. The first time you print you will be asked for your username and password, enter your NetID and password and check the box for "Remember this password in my keychain"

    Remember this password in my keychain
  13. Check to see if your test page printed, if you need further assisance please SUBMIT REQUEST


Latest Updated Date:


Last updated date - 2022-10-19


CampusDepartmentPrinter ModelPrinter Name
BuschAcademic Services (Busch)HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdnbsc-172-printer-01
College AveAcademic Services (College Ave)HP LaserJet 1320 seriesmilledoler-105-printer-01
College AveAcademic Services (College Ave)Ricoh IM C4500milledoler-107-printer-01
DouglassAcademic Services (Douglass)Ricoh IM 2500ruthadams-103-printer-01
LivingstonAcademic Services (Livingston)Ricoh IM C4500lsh-a211-printer-01
LivingstonAcademic Services (Livingston)Brother HL-L8360CDWlsh-a221-printer-01
LivingstonAcademic Services (Livingston)HP LaserJet Pro P1606dnlsh-a225-printer-01
LivingstonAfricana StudiesHP LaserJet 400 color M451dnbeck-112-printer-01
LivingstonAfricana StudiesRicoh MP 6002beck-112-printer-02
DouglassAmerican StudiesRicoh IM C4500ruthadams-205-printer-01
DouglassAnthropologyRicoh MP 5055biobldg-204-printer-01
DouglassAnthropologyRicoh IM 3500ruthadams-301-printer-01
College AveArt HistoryHP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dncoll60-201-printer-01
College AveArt HistoryRicoh IM 2500voorhees-112-printer-01
College AveAsian Languages & CulturesRicoh MP 7502scott-329-printer-01
College AveAsian StudiesHP Color LaserJet Pro M252dwscott-340-printer-01
LivingstonCenter for African Studies/ASAHP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdnlsh-a354-printer-01
LivingstonEnglish Writing Center (Livingston) Ricoh MP C6503lsh-b104c-printer-01
DouglassCenter for Women's Global LeadershipRicoh MP C3504cwgl-102-printer-01
BuschChemistryHP LaserJet P2055dnwright-360-printer-01
BuschComputer ScienceRicoh MP C6004 core-302-printer-01
BuschComputer ScienceXerox Global Print Driver PCL6core-302-printer-03
BuschComputer ScienceRicoh MP 2555hill-381-printer-01
BuschComputer ScienceXerox Phaser 8860hill-381-printer-02
LivingstonCriminal JusticeRicoh MP 4054lsh-a339-printer-01
LivingstonEarth & Planetary SciencesHP LaserJet MFP M281fdwgeohall-202-printer-01
BuschEarth & Planetary SciencesRicoh MP C6004wright-142-printer-01
College AveEconomicsHP LaserJet M402dnnjh-102-printer-01
College AveEconomicsXerox DocuPrint N2125njh-201-printer-01
College AveEconomicsHP LaserJet M402dnnjh-202-printer-01
College AveEconomicsRicoh MP 7502njh-202c-printer-01
College AveEconomicsRicoh IM 9000njh-202a-printer-01
College AveEconomicsHP LaserJet Pro M454dnnjh-202-printer-02
College AveEconomicsHP LaserJet Pro M404nnjh-306-printer-01
LivingstonEdison PapersHP Color LaserJet M452dntaep-200-printer-01
BuschMath & Science Learning Center Xerox WorkCentre 4260arc-305-printer-02
BuschMath & Science Learning Center Xerox WorkCentre 6505DNarc-322-printer-01
College AveEnglishHP LaserJet Pro M501dnmurray-009-printer-01
College AveEnglishHP LaserJet M605murray-108e-printer-01
College AveEnglishHP OfficeJet Pro 8740murray-108-printer-01
College AveEnglishRicoh MP 7502murray-110-printer-01
College AveEnglishHP PageWide Color 765murray-110-printer-03
College AveEnglishHP LaserJet 100 color M175nwmurray-118a-printer-01
College AveEnglishXerox WorkCentre 6605DNmurray-118a-printer-02
LivingstonEnglish (PALS)Brother MFC-L9550CDWtillett-107-printer-01
LivingstonEnglish (PALS)HP Color LaserJet MFP M477fdntillett-107-printer-03
LivingstonEnglish (PALS)Samsung M283xtillett-107-printer-04
LivingstonEnglish (PALS)Ricoh IM 3500tillett-107-printer-05
DouglassEnglish Writing Center (Douglass)HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdngeorge135-101-printer-01
LivingstonEnglish Writing Center (Livingston)HP LaserJet P2015 Serieslsh-b104a-printer-01
LivingstonEnglish Writing Center (Livingston)HP Color LaserJet CM2320nf MFPlsh-b104a-printer-02
College AveEOF (College Ave)Ricoh IM C4500milledoler-020-printer-01
College AveEOF (College Ave)HP Color LaserJet 4700milledoler-020-printer-02
LivingstonEOF (Livingston)HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdnlsh-a223-printer-01
LivingstonGeographyHP LaserJet 400 color M451dnlsh-b235-printer-01
LivingstonGeographyHP LaserJet 500 color M551lsh-b235-printer-02
LivingstonGeographyHP LaserJet P4014lsh-b235-printer-03
LivingstonGeographyRicoh MP 5055lsh-b252-printer-01
LivingstonGeographyHP Color LaserJet M553lsh-b266-printer-01
LivingstonGeographyHP LaserJet 700 M712lsh-b266-printer-02
College AveHistoryHP LaserJet M402dnvandyck-111-printer-01
College AveHistoryHP Color LaserJet M452dnvandyck-111-printer-02
College AveHistoryRicoh MP 5055vandyck-112-printer-01
College AveHistoryHP LaserJet P4515vandyck-306-printer-01
DouglassInstitute for Research on WomenHP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dnirw-203-printer-01
DouglassInstitute for Research on WomenHP Color LaserJet 5500irw-208-printer-01
DouglassInstitute for Research on WomenHP LaserJet P3005irw-214-printer-01
DouglassInstitute for Research on WomenHP LaserJet P4015irw-214-printer-02
College AveJewish StudiesRicoh IM C4500csjl-101a-printer-01
College AveJewish StudiesHP LaserJet 400 color M451nwcsjl-204a-printer-01
DouglassKinesiology & HealthRicoh IM C4500loree-108-printer-01
LivingstonLatino & Caribbean StudiesBrother HL-L8260CDWlsh-a246-printer-01
LivingstonLatino & Caribbean StudiesHP LaserJet M402dnlsh-a252-printer-01
LivingstonLatino & Caribbean StudiesHP LaserJet M203dwlsh-a257-printer-01
LivingstonLatino & Caribbean StudiesRicoh IM 2500lsh-b201-printer-01
LivingstonLatino & Caribbean StudiesHP LaserJet P2055dnlsh-b216-printer-01
College AveLinguisticsRicoh IM 2500sem18-103-printer-01
College AveLinguisticsHP Universal Printing PCL 6sem18-105-printer-01
BuschMathHP LaserJet P4015hill-103-printer-01
BuschMathHP PageWide Pro 477dn MFPhill-303-printer-01
BuschMathHP LaserJet P2055dnhill-304-printer-01
BuschMathHP Universal Printing PCL 6hill-305-printer-01
BuschMathHP LaserJet 400 color M451dnhill-309-printer-01
BuschMathHP LaserJet 600 M603hill-315-printer-01
BuschMathRicoh IM 9000hill-315-printer-02
BuschMathHP Color LaserJet M553hill-318-printer-01
BuschMathHP Officejet Pro X451dnhill-322-printer-01
BuschMathHP Officejet Pro X551dw Printerhill-324-printer-01
BuschMathHP Color LaserJet MFP M281fdwhill-390-printer-01
BuschMathHP LaserJet Pro M501dnhill-531-printer-01
BuschMathHP LaserJet 600 M603hill-601-printer-01
BuschMathHP Color LaserJet MFP M477fdnhill-610-printer-01
BuschMathHP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dnhill-614-printer-01
BuschMathHP LaserJet P2055dnhill-716-printer-01
BuschMath & Science Learning CenterRicoh IM 3500arc-mslc-printer-01
College AvePhilosophyHP LaserJet 400 color M451dngateway-500-printer-01
College AvePhilosophyRicoh MP 6002gateway-500-printer-02
College AvePhilosophyHP LaserJet P4015gateway-lib-printer-01
BuschPhysicsHP Universalarc-233-printer-01
BuschPhysicsHP Color LaserJet M555npl-2ndfl-printer-01
BuschPhysicsHP LaserJet P4015physics-1stfl-printer-01
BuschPhysicsHP Color LaserJet M452dnphysics-221-printer-01
BuschPhysicsHP LaserJet M402dnphysics-221-printer-03
BuschPhysicsHP LaserJet 4200physics-223-printer-01
BuschPhysicsHP LaserJet 400 M401dnphysics-226-printer-01
BuschPhysicsRICOH Pro 8200Sphysics-231a-printer-03
BuschPhysicsHP Universal Printing PCL 6physics-2ndfl-printer-01
BuschPhysicsXerox ColorQube 8570DNphysics-2ndfl-printer-02
BuschPhysicsHP LaserJet 600 M602physics-3rdfl-printer-01
BuschPhysicsHP Color LaserJet M555physics-3rdfl-printer-02
BuschPhysicsHP Universal Printing PCL 6serin-287e-printer-01
BuschPhysicsXerox ColorQube 8880DNserin-2ndfl-printer-01
BuschPhysicsHP LaserJet P4515serin-376e-printer-01
BuschPhysicsXerox Global Print Driver PCL6serin-376e-printer-02
DouglassPolitical ScienceHP LaserJet M605hickman-413-printer-01
DouglassPolitical ScienceBrother HL-L8360CDW serieshickman-503-printer-01
DouglassPolitical ScienceRicoh MP 5055hickman-513-printer-01
DouglassPolitical ScienceHP LaserJet Pro M501dnhickman-605-printer-01
BuschPyschologyHP Designjet Z6200 42inpsych-203-printer-01
BuschPsychologyRicoh MP 7502psych-205-printer-01
College AveReligionRicoh MP 6002coll64-103-printer-01
College AveRutgers Academic Bldg (4th Floor)Ricoh MP 7502sem15-4136-printer-01
College AveRutgers Academic Bldg (5th Floor)Ricoh MP 4054sem15-5131-printer-01
College AveRutgers Academic Bldg (6th Floor)Ricoh MP C6004sem15-6164-printer-01
College AveOffice of Research & Graduate EducationHP Color LaserJet M452dnbartlett15-200-printer-01
College AveSAS Dean's OfficeHP LaserJet 4240ham77-001a-printer-01
College AveSAS Dean's OfficeRicoh MP C6004exham77-102a-printer-01
College AveSAS Dean's OfficeHP LaserJet 400 color M451dnham77-106a-printer-01
DouglassInstitute for Women's LeadershipRicoh IM 3500rdjc-303-printer-01
College AveSAS Dean's OfficeRicoh IM 6000scott-227-printer-01
College AveSAS Dean's OfficeHP Color LaserJet M452dnscott-227-printer-02
DouglassSAS Dean's Office (Douglass)Ricoh IM 2500rh-101-printer-01
LivingstonSAS Dean's Office (Livingston)Ricoh MP 2554lsh-b211-printer-01
LivingstonSAS Dean's Office (Livingston)HP LaserJet 100 color MFP M175nwlsh-b304-printer-01
LivingstonSAS Dean's Office (Livingston)Xerox WorkCentre 3315lsh-b329-printer-01
College AveSAS Development OfficeHP LaserJet 400 color M451dn1spring-323a-printer-01
College AveSAS Honors (College Ave)HP Color LaserJet CP2025dncoll35-102a-printer-01
College AveSAS Honors (College Ave)Ricoh MP C6004coll35-102a-printer-02
College AveSAS Honors (College Ave)HP LaserJet 400 M401dnecoll35-204-printer-01
College AveLanguage CenterRICOH MP C35041spring-434-printer-01
DouglassSociologyHP LaserJet M608davison-007-printer-01
DouglassSociologyRicoh MP 5055davison-117-printer-01
DouglassSociologyRicoh MP 5054davison-123a-printer-01
BuschStatisticsHP Universal Printing PCL 6hill-450-printer-01
BuschStatisticsHP Universal Printing PCL 6hill-480-printer-01
BuschStatisticsHP Color LaserJet MFP M281fdwhill-501-printer-01
BuschStatisticsRicoh MP C6503hill-558-printer-01
DouglassWomen's & Gender StudiesRicoh MP C6004rdjc-205-printer-01
BuschCognitive ScienceRicoh IM C4500cogsci-126-printer-01
College AveLinguisticsXerox B2101spring-242-printer-01
BuschPhysicsXerox Phaser 8860arc-233-printer-02
BuschMath & Science Learning CenterHP LaserJet M605arc-308-printer-01
BuschChemistryHP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dnccb-1103-printer-01-bw
BuschChemistryHP Color LaserJet MFP M476dnccb-1103-printer-02-color
BuschChemistryHP LaserJet P2015ccb-1108a-printer-01
BuschChemistryRICOH Pro 8100sccb-1110b-printer-01
BuschChemistryHP Color LaserJet M653ccb-2308-printer-01
BuschChemistryHP Color LaserJet M452dwccb-3200-printer-02
BuschChemistryHP LaserJet Pro M404dnccb-4210-printer-01
BuschComputer ScienceHP LaserJet M609core-302-printer-02
BuschMathHP Officejet Pro X551dw Printerhill-334-printer-01
BuschDLSXerox ColorQube 8880DNlsb-120-printer-01
BuschDLSHP LaserJet 200 color M251nwlsb-122-printer-02
BuschDLSHP Color LaserJet M452dnlsb-201-printer-01
BuschDLSHP Color LaserJet M553lsb-224-printer-01
BuschDLSHP LaserJet 200 color M251nwlsb-301-printer-01
BuschDLSHP LaserJet 200 colorMFP M276nwlsb-304-printer-01
BuschDLSHP LaserJet 400 M401dnlsb-306-printer-01
BuschDLSHP Color LaserJet M553lsb-324-printer-01
BuschDLSHP Color LaserJet MFP M477fdnlsb-354a-printer-02
BuschDLSHP LaserJet 200 color M251nwlsb-reception-printer-01
LivingstonSAS Honors (Livingston)HP Color LaserJet M254dwlsh-a207-printer-01
LivingstonSAS Tech Office LivingstonHP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dnlsh-a360-printer-01
LivingstonGeographyHP Color LaserJet M553lsh-b251-printer-01
College AveEnglishXerox Phaser 7760DXmurray-032-printer-01
College AveEnglishHP LaserJet 200 colorMFP M276nwmurray-121-printer-01
College AveEnglishXerox Phaser 6280Nmurray-304-printer-01
College AveEnglishHP Universal Printing PCL 6murray-305-printer-01
BuschPsychologyCanon MX860 Series Printerpsych-235-printer-01
DouglassMath & Science Learning CenterHP LaserJet P4015rh-mslc-printer-01
BuschPhysicsXerox Global Print Driver PCL6serin-354e-printer-01
College AveArt HistoryHP Color LaserJet CP5225dnvoorhees-112-printer-02
BuschChemistryRICOH MP C6004exwr-197-printer-01
BuschChemistryBrother HL-L2370DW serieswr-360-printer-01
BuschChemistryRICOH MP 2554wr-370-printer-01
College AvenueEnglishRicoh IM 9000murray-110-printer-02
LivingstonPsychologyRicoh IM 9000tillett-101-printer-01
DouglassPsychology (Douglass Day Care)Ricoh MP C6004davison-childcare-printer-01
College AveRaritan ReviewRicoh IM 3500mine31-104-printer-01
College AveSAS Development OfficeRicoh MP C65031spring-333-printer-01
LivingstonChemistryRicoh IM C6000beck-010-printer-01
BuschChemistryHP Color LaserJet MFP M477fdwccb-2112-printer-01
BuschChemistryHP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdwccb-3312-printer-01
BuschChemistryHP LaserJet M203dwccb-2204-printer-02
BuschChemistryXerox Phaser 6130Nccb-2204-printer-01
BuschComputer ScienceHP DesignJet Z3200 44in Photocore-302-printer-04
BuschDLSRicoh Pro 8100snel-a102-printer-02
BuschDLSRicoh MP 4054nel-a102-printer-01
BuschDLSRicoh MP C3504nel-a201-printer-01
Douglass Undergraduate EducationHP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdnruthadams-012-printer-01
BuschSAS HonorsHP Color LaserJet MFP M283nel-a110-printer-01
DouglassDLSHP Color LaserJet CP6015bio-103-printer-01
DouglassDLSHP Color LaserJet MFP M182nwbio-104a-printer-01
DouglassDLSHP LaserJet M605bio-106-printer-01
DouglassDLSHP LaserJet CP1525nwbio-106-printer-02
DouglassDLSHP Color LaserJet CP6015bio-106-printer-03
BuschChemistryHP OfficeJet Pro 8210ccb-1103-printer-03
BuschChemistryHP OfficeJet Pro 8210ccb-3200-printer-01
BuschChemistryHP Color LaserJet MFP M477fdnccb-4112-printer-01
BuschChemistryRICOH Pro 8300Sccb-1110b-printer-02
BuschChemistry HP Color LaserJet MFP M281fdwccb-4212-printer-01
DouglassAcademic ServicsHP Color LaserJet Pro M454dnruthadams-103-printer-02

  • Make sure that the printer is powered on.
  • Check to make sure there isn't a paper jam in the printer.
  • Make sure that there is paper in the tray(s).
  • Check the printer status on your local workstation by clicking on Start -> Printers & Faxes. There will sometimes be a status message that will give you more information about the problem.- If this is a network printer, determine whether others can print to it. If nobody can print, and you've checked the above issues, SUBMIT REQUEST.
  • If this is a local printer, right-click the printer name and make sure that the printer is online. If you see a menu item that says "Use Printer Offline, it indicates the printer is currently online. However, if this option reads "Use Printer Online," it means you are currently offline. Click on that option to put the printer back online.
  • If you are trying to print to a Ricoh copier, you need to have an account on our Equitrac print accounting server that machines your local computer login name. If you are unsure whether you have an Equitrac account, contact your departmental administrator.