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Mac OS 10.14 Mojave update:

On September 24th, Apple released OS 10.14, Mojave as a free download from the App Store. Although everything appears to working fine under 10.14 I would recommend to not upgrade any machines just yet. I’d like to run this for a least a month or two before moving forward with any upgrades to Mojave.
The latest 10.13.3 image is available on our NetBoot server- sas_mac_10.13.3_9_2018.i386.hfs.dmg. 

Mac OS 10.13.3 Update

To all Faculty and Staff who have upgraded their Mac to OS 10.13 or who have received a new Mac running OS 10.13, please read the following:

SAS-IT will now be supporting Apple's latest OS, 10.13.2-10.13.3.  If you are running just 10.13, use the App Store to upgrade 10.13.3. Only 10.13.2-3 will work with Novell's iprint client version 6.09.
To upgrade to iprint 6.09, click here-

SAS-IT will now be supporting Apple's latest OS, 10.12
The release of Apple’s new Mac operating system requires 4 important updates to maintain access to the SAS-IT print servers, the University's antivirus protection service (RADS), connecting to shared drives on the Novell Server (Kanaka) and the Pulse Secure VPN client to connect to the University's VPN when off campus.
Please submit a workorder ( for assistance with upgrading your Mac’s iPrint client software to Version 6.0.9 and Symantec antivirus to the latest release available from the Rutgers Antivirus Delivery Service (RADS).

Links to these upgrades are provided below:

Email scripts

addthunderbird v3 script- This is for adding an RU Connect account to Thunderbird. This script will also hide the the users old Zimbra account. If you need to revert to the previous profile, copy prefs.js.bak to prefs.js. In some cases you may need to manually delete the Zimbra smtp server from Outgoing Servers, under Tools, Account Settings.
addexchangeaccount script- This is for adding an RU Connect account to the Mac Mail application. Since Mac Mail is an Exchage client, it will also set up Calendars and Contacts. It does not remove the old Zimbra account which will need to be done manually, under Internet Accounts located in System Preferences.

Mac OS Updates

Kanaka 3.0- Fixes bugs with OS 10.12

Mac OS 10.12- If you have upgraded to OS 10.12, please be aware that Kanaka will require you to authenticate at least 3 times when connecting to our Novell server. We are still waiting on a patch for this. Also, please upgrade the Symantec Anti Virus on any systems running 10.12. Since all new Macs are now shipping with 10.12, we will be supporting it.

iPrint 6.09 has been released and tested against our iPrint server. Please update to iPrint Client 6.09 if you have upgraded to or have purchased a new Mac running OS 10.12.  You will also need the latest Mac OS Ricoh drivers for our Ricoh copiers.

LDAP fix- a quick script to reconfigure ldap to work with the University's updated LDAP servers. These will be going live on 6/21/2016

LDAP fix for 10.9.5 Macs

The latest DeployStudio NetBoot set for OS 10.11.2 is available here- DeployStudioRuntimeHD.dmg
Download the dmg and use Apple's Disk Utility program (/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility) to restore the image to a USB key to create a bootable drive that will connect to our Deploystudio server for Mac OS imaging.

SAS Novell Login Script- Acts as frontend to the Kanaka Client. It will creat sidebar shortcuts to the users Home and Workgroup directories.

NetBoot Script- Run this to access the NetBoot server across subnets. Mac hardware ranging from old Mac Pros to 2015 Macbook pros have NetBoot images available from If you have Mac hardware that will not boot from this script, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have an appropriate Netboot set created. Once a Mac is rebooted it will be running the DeployStudio runtime software. Choose "Restore Master on Volume" option to reimage the machine. 2015_iMac_image and MacBook_Pro_2015_pcie support the latest hardware.

Kanaka Desktop Client Installer- Kanka Installation Script. All Mac users should now be using the Novell Kanaka client to connect to our server.

New Junos Pulse client is now available for Mac OS 10.10. This corrects the issue of losing network connectivity when connecting to the Rutgers VPN with the previously available client. 
Download Junos Pulse 5.1.2

Mac OS 10.11.2 is certified to work with iPrint 6.01.00. Please upgrade here-

Ricoh copiers and some HPs do require printer filters to be installed locally for iPrint to function. Run this script to install the needed packages- for 10.8-10.12 and for 10.7

LDAP Authentication: This script will configure Macs for authentication through the University's LDAP servers- Rutgers ldap script

 Mac OS 10 tips PowerPoint slide show-