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Tableau Products

Tableau Desktop:

Software used by report developers to create reports, called visualizations.


  • Data can be pulled in from multiple sources
    • Local (csv, xls, etc, local database)
    • Remote (server, databases)
  • Data Cleansing can be performed in the Data Source tab of the workbook
    • Allows for joining and blending disparate data sources
  • Analysis
    • Creation of various interactive workbooks, dashboards, stories for data
  • Data Extracts
    • Data created can be pushed out and saved as an extract
    • These extracts can also be data sources to be used by others when stored on Tableau Server


  • License Required
    • Software can be requested by putting in a REQUEST
    • Costs for the software will be incurred. As of September, 2019, the cost per license is $630 per year. License costs may vary.

Tableau Reader:

The software used by report consumers to view and interact with visualizations.


Tableau Server:

Hosting service for housing and sharing reports and data



  • Visualizations can be housed on the server.
    • Only people with access to the server can directly access those visualizations
  • Visualizations can be scheduled to be updated or use a live connection for data updates
  • Data sources that have been cleaned or modified can be stored for other users to create their own reporting

What to enter on the application form:

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