About Rutgers Connect

The Migration Process

This page will hold School of Arts and Sciences specific information on the move to Office 365 which will be known as Rutgers Connect.  This page is a supplement to, not a replacement for, the main Office of Information Technology Rutgers Connect page.  Please refer to that page for additional information.

Migration Status

Watch this section for information about migration timing and status.  We will keep updated information about the department(s) that are currently being migrated and the expected date for the next migration.  At present, OIT is moving and several central areas will be next.  No SAS department will move until the migration process has been tested several thousand times.  We expect that SAS areas will begin migrating in late May or early June.  This is only an estimate.  As more accounts are moved into the new system we'll be able to be more accurate about when the SAS migrations will occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Migration Process

The migration process will take place in six stages.

  1. Data collection (current phase) - Collect account information and details from users.
  2. Account Cleanup, Shared/Task account review and ScarletMail migration - Review account listing for necessity and permissions with departments.
  3. Pre-Migration - Final review with OIT before migration begins
  4. Migration Phase 1 - Initial copy of e-mail
  5. Migration Phase 2 - Final copy of e-mail
  6. Post Migration - Problem resolution and shutdown of old mail servers.

1. Collecting information from users about existing accounts

Users will be asked to enter information into RUMigrated.  This tool will collect information about the account that is considered primary and how users would like other accounts to be handled.  Users will be presented with a list of all accounts that we know about and asked to choose one as their primary.  If any accounts are missing, they can be added.  If the user's primary account is not hosted on a Rutgers system then the user can choose 'I choose not to have any of my data migrated to Rutgers Connect by OIT.'  Users should select whether or not they handle any Protected Health Information and choose Submit.  After submitting the page, users will be presented with a page that allows them to enter additional details on each individual account.  This information will be used by SAS IT staff to assist users with the migration of data from their other accounts.  This information will only be used as a guide as OIT and SAS IT staff work together on the migration.  The information collected will be reviewed before action is taken.

2. Account Cleanup, Shared/Task account review and ScarletMail Migration

Prior to moving to the new system, we will be working with departments to cleanup unused accounts and migrate certain users to ScarletMail.  All current faculty and staff will be migrated to Rutgers Connect.  Students and, in some cases retirees, will be migrated to ScarletMail.  We will be reviewing the list of users with every department to determine the appropriate actions to be taken on each account.  All task/shared accounts (e.g. chair@, help@, etc) will also be reviewed to confirm whether or not the account is still needed and confirm the users who should have access.

3. Pre-Migration

OIT and SAS IT staff will meet to review the list of accounts to be migrated and work out any special issues.  The migration will proceed based on department, not e-mail location.  This means that, for example, all users in the Economics Department will move to Rutgers Connect at the same time regardless of whether they read e-mail @economics, @rci or elsewhere.  While mail sent to existing e-mail addresses will continue to be delivered to Rutgers Connect, departments who have multiple functioning domains will be asked to choose just one for use going forward.  For example, mail can currently be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., user@fas-econuser@econ, etc.  The department will have to choose just one of these domains to represent their area in the new system.

4. Migration Phase 1 - Bulk Mail Copy

During the first phase of the migration, accounts will be created for all departmental users and all mail older than 30 days will be copied from the account each user selected as primary to the new Rutgers Connect account.  We expect that this process will several days to complete as this is when the bulk of the e-mail data will be transferred.  Once the announcement is made that phase one has begun, users should refrain from making changes to the structure of the folders in their account.  If a folder is removed at this point it may reappear in the new account.  If renamed or moved, the folder will appear under both the new and old names in the new account. No mail will be removed from users' existing accounts as part of this process.

At this point users will be asked to test logging in to their Rutgers Connect account.  We will address any login issues at this time so, when the actual cutover occurs, the likelihood of login problems will be decreased.

5. Migration Phase 2 - Final copy and cutover

During the second phase of the migration, all mail newer than data migrated in phase one will be copied and new messages sent to each user will now arrive in Rutgers Connect.  The old mail server will remain active but will no longer be able to send or receive mail.  The old server will only remain online so users can confirm that all of their data has moved successfully.

Microsoft Outlook will be made available to anyone who wishes to use it with Rutgers Connect and users can continue to use other mail software like Thunderbird or Mac Mail.  While these packages will be available for use immediately, if users experience any problems, they will be asked to use the webmail interface until we can address individual issues.

6. Post Migration

After the migration has completed the old mail servers will be shut down after a few months to give users time to confirm that they have all their data.  SAS IT staff will be able to continue supporting your access to e-mail as they have in the past but, since the new e-mail system will be the same for everyone, the main Rutgers Helpdesk will also be able to assist.