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Setting up Thunderbird to use SAS Email (for non-managed workstations*)

*This document does not apply to managed workstations.

If you experience trouble while using these instructions, please submit a Work Order here.

In the images that follow, the username and account information of an IT employee was used for demonstration purposes.
Please replace these entries with your individual information where appropriate.

Run the Thunderbird program
Click on the Create a new account button


This will bring up the Account Wizard
It defaults to Email Account. Make sure that is checked.
Push the NEXT button


Type in your full name
Type in your email address
Push the NEXT button


Select IMAP
Enter the name of the incoming server:
Push the NEXT button


Enter your full email name
Push the NEXT button


Enter a name for this account -- e.g., Rutgers SAS
Push the NEXT button




Now select Account Settings from the Tools Menu


On the left side of the screen, find the account you just created.
Click on Server Settings under the new account.
Click on SSL on the right hand part of the screen


Now click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) in the left hand column of the screen
If there is a server listed, click on it and push EDIT
if there is not, push ADD


Enter a description for the server -- SAS SMTP, for example
Enter the name of the server:
Click on User name and password
Enter your fully qualified email address in the User Name text field
Click on SSL in the lower right
Push the OK button


Push the OK button again


Click on the GET MAIL button
It should ask you for your password. This is your NetID password


Start using Thunderbird Email

Thunderbird Delete Account

Once you are comfortable that all of your email is in the new account and that it is working as expected, you should delete the settings for your old account (if present).
To do this, select Account Settings from the Tools menu


Then select the old account and push the Remove Account button
Click OK