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Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN on a Mac

Before users can connect to the Rutgers VPN with the Cisco AnyConnect app, they need to do the following:

  1. Activate the Remote Access Service on their netID account
  2. Enroll in NetID+

Remote Access Activation

Before using Cisco AnyConnect you will need to activate the service on your NetID.

  1. Go to https://netid.rutgers.edu and select Service Activation on the left of the site.
  2. Log in with NetID and password
  3. You will see the following screen:

    Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Mac 1

  4. Select the Remote Access VPN, Cisco AnyConnect Access for Rutgers Option
    • NOTE: You don’t have to activate the service again if you have [You already have this account.] listed next to the Remote Access option.
  5. Click the “Activate Services” button

NetID+ Enrollment


Downloading & Installing Cisco AnyConnect Client

The screen shots that follow are what the user should see upon installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN on a Mac. Some images may be slightly different on each system and OS version.

  1. Download the AnyConnect installer from https://vpn.rutgers.edu

Once you’ve authenticated an automatic installation should begin. If it fails to start downloading you should see an option to click “AnyConnect VPN” and you will be prompted to save the client.

  1. In the Downloads folder, locate and run the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client installation package.

Cisco AnyConnect can only be installed by a user with admin rights on a Mac. Mac OS security initially blocks the Cisco extensions.

Cisco AnyConnect will install but the System Extensions will be blocked by the OS.

  1. Click on Open Preferences in either of the popup windows.

    Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Mac 2

  2. Click on the Lock in the lower left to enter an admin user’s username and password.

    Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Mac 3

    Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Mac 4

  1. Click on Allow to unblock the extension.

    Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Mac 5

A dialog box will appear stating that the System extension has been enabled.

Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Mac 6


To launch Cisco AnyConnect

  1. Go to Applications/Cisco and double click Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

    Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Mac 7

    Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Mac 8
  2. Enter the address of the VPN, vpn.rutgers.edu

    Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Mac 9

  3. You will be prompted for your username, password and Duo Action. Enter your NetID username and password. For Duo Action, enter push, phone or sms depending on how your NetID + account is setup.

    Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Mac 10


Your Mac will now be connected to the Rutgers VPN.

Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Mac 11

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