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Connecting to the W: Drive from Home - Windows

NOTE: You must connect to the Rutgers VPN prior to doing the steps below

  1. In Windows 10, type the following in the white window at the bottom of screen that says Type here to search \\rad.rutgers.edu\dfs\sas\

    connect w drive windows 1

    • If the search box is not visible right click on a blank space on your task bar, click on Cortana, and click on Show search box

      connect w drive windows 2

  2. Hit Enter on your keyboard
  3. It might take 1-2 minutes to connect, but you will get a “Enter network Credentials” popup window, enter the following:
    • Username: rad\netid   ( eg. rad\tsmith )
    • NetID password
  4. This will open a window providing access to all the folders you have on the W: drive

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