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Place a Module within Content

Normally a module is displayed in a specific module ‘position’.  It is possible to ‘nest’ a module inside of an article.  For example if you  have a list of courses that are taught for a specific ‘unit’ you can put this ‘list’ or ‘schedules’ inside of the article.

1. Create the Module first

In this example, I’m creating a Articles – Category Listing of Faculty Members

This module has the following criteria:

  • Filtered --> Faculty Category
  • Postion --> NONE (do not set the position)
  • Menu Assignment --> NONE (Do not set it to appear on menu items)


2. Create the Article

Title: Faculty

Description: Add information into the article, place cursor where you want the ‘module’ to appear.


3. When on the module page, filter by ‘faculty’ (the title of the module).  Then click the GREEN button.


4. You will now see the module included in the article


5. If you use the ‘other’ module button, you can add it slightly differently…


6. This tool is ‘Modules Anywhere’


7. See the display of the module in the article


8. Preview of using the module inside of the article


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