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Random Image Module

This module will display a single image from a folder.  If you have 10 images in the folder, each time the page is visited a different image will be displayed.  This can add interesting variety to the site, without having a complex slideshow.

It is recommended that the image is RESIZED and CROPPED so all images in the folder are the same size.

It is possible to assign a link to ALL images, if someone clicks on the image they can be taken to a specific area of the website.  The link has to be the SAME for all images.

This is not to substitute for an actual photo gallery or slide show.

A suggested use is for a ‘study abroad’ or perhaps different pieces of artwork to be displayed on the home page of a website.

1. Upload Images to the Specific Folder (Content à Media)


2. Create new Folder to place images in


3. Upload images into the folder (Select folder first)


4. Create new module type: RANDOM IMAGE


5. Define the options with Random Image Module


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