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JeventsThe procedure explains how to add a Custom HTML module in Joomla! 3.x using the Administrator interface. A Custom HTML module is a block of formatted text that can be configured to appear when one or more menu items are accessed.

1. Log on to your site using the Administrator Login.
2. At the Joomla! Control Panel, click "Module " (found under "Structure" to the left; see Figure 1 at right).

a) To create a new module, click "New" in the upper left area of the web page: New button 

b) At the Select a Module Type: screen, click "Custom HTML."

c) To edit an existing module, click on the name of the module in the "Title" column.

3. Enter or edit the name of your module in the "Title *" field (see #1 below).
4. (Optional) click "Hide" under "Show title" selection to the right if the module title should not be shown (see #2 below).
5. For "Position" click the dropdown menu, and select the desired module position.  The ones used most frequently for custom modules are "left" and "right"  (see #3 below).
6. Under "Custom HTML", enter the text that you would like to appear in the module.  You can format the text using the WYSIWYG editor (see #4 below).
7. Click the "Menu Assignment" menu to specify which menu items will display your module (see #5 below).

If the new module should appear on all pages, leave "On all pages" selected.

Custom Module


If new module should appear only when one or more specific menu items are accessed, do the following:

  • Click the dropdown box to the right of Module Assignment and select "Only on the pages selected" (see #1 below).
  • For Menu Selection, click "None" to the right of Select (see #2 below).
  • Click the check boxes for any menu items that should display the module when clicked (see #3 below).


Adding Custom Module2



8. To save changes and continue editing the module, click the Save button to the upper left of the web page: Save button
9. Click "Save & Close" to the upper left to save your new module: Save & Close button
The module will appear when the menu items selected in step 7 are accessed.

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