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Category Blog vs Category List

  • The "Category Blog" layout will display, for a selected category, content from the "Intro Text" of the article.  Intro Text is the content above the Read More divider.  If there is no Read More divider, all content from the article will show.
  • "Category List" layout displays a listing of articles in a category. The titles will link to the article. It can be set to display some other information such as Author and Published date.  Instructions for setting up a "Category List" page

Setting up a Category Blog page

  1. Log on to your site using the Administrator Login.
  2. Go to Menus > Main Menu  (or whichever menu you'd like to create the menu item in) and click Add New Menu Item:

    Create Menu Item1
  3. Enter a Menu Title (see #1 below). You may leave the box for Alias blank; one will automatically be generated.
  4. (Optional) If you want your new menu item to display as a dropdown selection, go to the Parent Item drop down menu and select the pre-existing menu item that you would like the new menu item to appear under (see #2 below).  If you leave "Menu Item Root" selected for Parent Item, your new menu item will appear as a top-level item.
  5. Next to the box for Menu Item Type, click the Select button (see #3 below).

    Create Menu Item2
  6. A pop-up window will open. Choose the appropriate menu item type from the list.  Click Articles, then click Category Blog (see #2 below):


  7. Once this option is chosen, there will be a field titled "Choose a category". Select the appropriate category from the drop down list:

  8. Click Save & Close to the upper left: Save & Close

 Ordering Articles

To adjust ordering of articles, go to the Blog Layout tab and look for "Article Order" then select an option from the dropdown menu.

  • Use Global (in parentheses will be the default "Global" setting)
  • Featured Articles Order
  • Most Recent First
  • Oldest First
  • Title Alphabetical
  • Title Reverse Alphabetical
  • Author Alphabetical
  • Author Reverse Alphabetical
  • Most Hits
  • Least Hits
  • Random Order
  • Article Order:  Article Order is the order in the Article Manager (Content -> Articles). The Article Order can be adjusted.
  • Article Reverse Order
  • Votes descending
  • Votes ascending
  • Ratings descending
  • Ratings ascending

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