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      1. Log on to your web site using the Joomla! Administrator URL.
      2. From the top menu, go to Content -> Article.
      3. Click on the title of the article that you want to edit.
      4. Click on the image where the affect should be applied and then click the "Insert/Edit image" button.
        The "Image Manager" window will pop up.
      5. Select and copy the URL of the image (see #1 below).
      6. Press "Cancel" on the lower right.
      7. Click on the image again and then click on the "Link" icon (see #1 below).

      8. The "Link" window will open. Paste the url of the image into the "URL" text field (see #1 below).

      9. Click on the "Popups" tab (see #2 above).
      10. Click on "Popup Type" and select "JCE MEDIABOX POPUPS" from the dropdown menu (see #1 below). Next to "Title" insert a title for your image (see #2 below). Underneath that next to "Caption" add a caption for your image (see #3 below). Click the dropdown menu for "Popup Icon" and select No (see #4 below). Set the "Media Type" to Image (see #5 below).

      11. Click on the "Insert" button on the bottom right (see #6 above).
      12. Click Save & Close to the upper left to save your article: .


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