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This procedure will show you how to add a link to an image. To learn how to add an image into an article, refer to this article.

1. Log on to your web site using the Joomla! Administrator URL.

2. In the Joomla! Administrator Control Panel, click on Article to the upper left (found under CONTENT; see #1 below).  If you are not at the Control Panel, you can select Article from the Content menu (see #2 below).

Add Link1


3. Click on the title of the article that you want to add the image to:

Copy Paste 2


4. Click on the image you want the link to apply to. You can tell that it has been selected by the surrounding boxes (see #1 below).

5. Click the Link Button on the toolbar (see #2 below).

AddLink to Image3


6. When the window pops up, type the URL (beginning with http://) into the URL field. (The Text field should be grayed out; see #1 below).

7. (Recommended): If you are linking an image to an external URL, click the Target dropdown menu and select "Open in new window" (see #2 below).

8. Click Insert, and the image should link to the URL you entered (see #3 below).

 Link image to URL

10. Click the Save & Close button to the upper left to save your article: Save & Close button

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