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1. Log into the Administrator interface using your netID credentials.


2. Hover over Content and click on Article .

3. Search (filter) for and open your article by clicking on its title.

4. Choose where you would like your image placed then click the Insert/Edit Image button below the WYSIWYG editor. InsertEdit Image


5. If your image isn't already in Media , navigate to whichever folder is appropriate for the image, then select the upload image button image upload button (upper right). In next window, choose Browse button at the bottom and navigate to the image on your computer.  You may upload multiple images by shift+clicking to select more than one.  Click upload when finished then back at the Image , be sure your new image is selected and click Update.


6. Set the image properties (dimensions, border, margins, etc) as needed.


Alternate Text:  Be sure to add add some descriptive text to the Alternate Text (alt text) field.  It is an important feature for accessibility. This is used to enable screen readers to portray the image as text.

Image Caption:  To add an image caption right click the image and choose Insert/Edit Image.  Click the Advanced tab and add the caption text to the Title field and the word "caption" to the classes field.  Note: If your site's template includes custom styling for left and right aligned images, then align them (using the text align tools in top row) left/right before adding the caption.

 image add edit window


7. Click Update again when all properties have been set.

8. Save the article.


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