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Article Editing

Select the article by clicking on the article title, this will bring you to the Article Edit page.


Add Styles to Text in Articles

While editing an article it is possible to change basic formatting of your text.  For example to make the text red, highlight the text and select, ‘red-text’ or ‘red-phrase’ from the paragraph dropdown.  All of these styles are defined at the template level, so they are easy to apply, and will keep a standard ‘look’ on your pages.

A guide to all editor buttons can be found below:




Use Paragraph Heading Styles


Heading Styles should only be used to define a ‘hierarchy’ of information in your article.  Users with disabilities often rely on screen readers to navigate a web page based on the placement of headings within the text.

For example: 


 Work with Spacing Beween Lines

<ENTER> key is a <p> tag, or paragraph space in Joomla

<SHIFT><ENTER> key is a <br/> tag or Line Break, where the items display JUST below the other, without any spacing in between.

Paragraph Space and Line Break

Click on the Numbered list to make a list enumerated instead of bulleted (unordered list).

Striped List (Note this is not viewable from Editor Mode)

Striped List


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