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The article is the basic building block of your Joomla! Web site.  It can be thought of as an individual web page.  An article can contain formatted text, images, embedded video, and links to other articles or external web sites.  Articles are organized by being saved into the appropriate categories.

  • Note, just because an article is created, it will NOT automatically be displayed on the website

Create Article

1. Click on Article under the "Content" tab and then click on the New button once on the articles page 


2. Hover over the Articles item in under the "Content" tab and click on the "Add New Article" item that will appear next to Articles


New Article Details

When you have completed creating the article, click Save & Close


Find Article in Article Listing

Find your article in the article listing screen (Content à Articles).  If you know a part of the article title, it can be typed into the search area.


Find Article within a Category

If you know of the category that the article is in, it helps to search by the category.  Change the category to the category you are looking in, only those articles will appear.


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