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Rutgers Connect (RC) limits what addresses mail can be send from to netid@domain.rutgers.edu and vanity_address@rutgers.edu when devices are configured using the standard mechanisms.  However, when configured to use IMAP and SMTP, users can send using alias@domain.rutgers.edu as well.  This allows for addresses that deviate from the two addresses that are normally supported.  In order to comply with policy, a Mobile Management Policy must still be configured on the device so configuring SendAs on a mobile device is a two step process.  The mobile management policy must be enabled and then a secondary e-mail client has to be configured.

The procedure below will only work for users who do not have the PHI flag set.  If the user works with PHI, the IMAP protocol will be disabled and they will have to connect using ActiveSync.


Step 1:

First the device needs to be linked to Rutgers Connect on a way that enables the mobile management policy.  There are several ways to do this.  You can configure the device to connect using the 'Exchange' connector and the mobile management policy will be deployed as part of that process.  You can also follow the appropriate document below for separately impelmenting the mobile mangement policy:

Android Devices: https://oit.rutgers.edu/connect/getting-started/mdm-policy/enabling-android

iOS Devices: https://oit.rutgers.edu/connect/getting-started/mdm-policy/enabling-ios

The suggested setup is to configure the system using the Exchange connector and simply turn of the syncrhonization of e-mail.  This will allow all the other data in Rutgers Connect to sync to the phone (e.g. Contact, Calendar, Tasks, etc).

The standard mobile configuration instructions can be found here:



Step 2:

Install and configure an IMAP compliant mail client on the mobile device using the general IMAP and SMTP settings that can be found here: https://oit.rutgers.edu/generic-imap-settings-rutgers-connect

On Android devices the K9 Mail program is recommended: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fsck.k9&hl=en

On iOS devices, the built in IMAP/SMTP functions will allow you to use the regular Apple Mail software on the device.  The procedure for setting this up can be found here:  https://oit.rutgers.edu/connect/guides/alternate-email-and-calendar-setup/setting-your-ipad-or-iphone-rutgers-connect-imap


You're Done.

Please keep in mind that Rutgers Policy requires that a mobile management policy is still required on all mobile devices that use Rutgers Connect.  Users must maintain a mobile managemnet policy connection even though they are reading mail through an alternate means.

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