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Configuration settings for Alpine

inbox-path = {outlook.office365.com:993/ssl/user=NETID@DEPARTMENT.rutgers.edu}Inbox

smtp-server = smtp.office365.com:587/tls/user=NETID@DEPARTMENT.rutgers.edu

folder-collections = "RU Connect" {outlook.office365.com:993/ssl/user=NETID@DEPARTMENT.rutgers.edu}[]

default-fcc = {outlook.office365.com:993/ssl/user=NETID@DEPARTMENT.rutgers.edu}Sent Items

default-saved-msg-folder = {outlook.office365.com:993/ssl/user=NETID@DEPARTMENT.rutgers.edu}Archive

trash-folder = {outlook.office365.com:993/ssl/user=NETID@DEPARTMENT.rutgers.edu}Deleted Items

user-domain = DEPARTMENT.rutgers.edu

If you want to save drafts on the server, set
postponed-folder = {outlook.office365.com:993/ssl/user=NETID@DEPARTMENT.rutgers.edu}Drafts

Note: This will cause alpine to ask you if you want to continue postponed 
message every time you compose a message.

News & Updates

  • Print Services Update 2021-07-13

    Microsoft has released a patch to fix the security issue with print services. The systems we manage are set up to automatically update. Once that update occurs, printing will be re-enabled on that system. To speed that process users are encouraged to run Windows Update on their own (see instructions) to ensure that their systems are up-to-date. This...

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  • University-operated print services temporarily unavailable 2021-07-02

    Most SAS print services are currently disabled as a precaution against the evolving print threat. We are actively evaluating needs vs risks in various areas. Microsoft recently announced new details, so we're hoping for a patch before printing needs become critical.  More information is available on the Rutgers Information Technology website on the...

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  • Warn others of phishing scams with the Phish Bowl 2020-12-22

    Visit the Phish Bowl Webpage for tips on avoiding scams, ways to spot a scam, and information on how to report phishing.

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