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Platform: Windows XP/Windows 2000
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

The following procedure describes how to access Novell file, print, and application services from off-campus.  This procedure assumes that the Novell Client software is already installed on your off-campus computer.  If Novell is not installed, please click here to follow the directions for installing it.

  1. Download and install the Pulse Secure VPN Client following these instructions.

  2. After both Novell and the Pulse Secure VPN Client are installed, click “Workstation Only” at the Novell login screen and login using your local Windows username and password.

  3. Login to the Rutgers VPN following these instructions.
  4. Right-click the red “N” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

  5. Select “Novell Client Properties” from the menu that appears.

  6. In the “Novell Client Configuration” window, click the “Service Location” tab.

  7. Under “Directory Agent List,” enter “slp.fas.rutgers.edu” and click “Add.”

  8. Check the box for “Static.” Then click “OK” to exit the window.

  9. When prompted, click “Yes” to reboot the computer.

  10. After you reboot, the “Novell Login” window will reappear.

  11. Select “Workstation Only” and log in using your local Windows XP username.

  12. Log on to the Rutgers VPN following the instructions located at these instructions.

  13. Return to the Novell Login screen by right-clicking the red “N” in your taskbar, then selecting “NetWare Login” from the menu.

  14. Click the “Advanced” button. Enter your username, password, and the correct values for “Tree,” “Context” and “Server” in the appropriate boxes. For more directions on logging in, click here.

  15. Then, click “OK” to log in.

  16. For future off-campus login sessions, repeat steps 10 through 15.

If you have any problems following these directions, please submit a work order.

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