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This guide will be used to configure your access to your email using Apple Mail for the new Mathematics Mail Server.
You will be utilizing your Novell password to access this account. If you have not done so already you will need to set your Novell Password through password.sas.rutgers.edu. If you have already set your Novell Password you may skip to Step 5.

1. First, we need to set your new Novell Password to ensure security and proper usage.  Start by following this link (password.sas.rutgers.edu).
2. In the dropdown menu select NetID Username and Password
3. Type your NetID into the field labeled “Username” and your NetID password in the field labeled “Password” and then press Login

math macmail 1

4. You will then be asked to please enter and confirm your new Novell Password. Do this following the Password Requirements on the page and then press Change Password.  If the change was successful you will get a message that states “Your Novell password has been changed” and you may proceed with the rest of the Apple Mail setup.

math macmail 2a

 Novell password successful change message

5. Launch Apple Mail.
6. Go to the top menu bar on your screen and click on the item labeled “Mail”
7. Click on Add Account

math macmail 3

8. Select “Add Other Mail Account…” and press Continue

math macmail 4

9. Fill out this information, put your full name as you want it to appear to others in the field labeled Full Name, your full email address in the field labeled Email Address and your new Novell password in the field labeled Password. Press Create.

math macmail 5

10. In the next screen enter “imap.math.rutgers.edu” in the field labeled Mail Server, your user name in the field labeled User Name and your Novell password in the field labeled Password. Press Next.

math macmail 6

11. In the next field leave the Path Prefix empty, put 993 in the Port field and check the SSH box. The Authentication dropdown should have Password selected. Press Next.

math macmail 7

12. In the field labeled SMTP Server type “smtp.math.rutgers.edu”, type your user name in the User Name field and your password in the Password field. Press Create.

math macmail 8

13. Go to the top left hand side of the screen and press the menu item
labeled Mail. Click on Preferences


14. Click on your Math mail account under the Accounts tab. Next, click
on the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) dropdown and press "Edit SMTP List"


15. Highlight the smtp.math.rutgers.edu item.  Then click on the Advanced tab.
Set the port to be 567, make sure the Use SSL box is check and
Authentication dropdown is set to Password. Press OK.


16. You have successfully set up your connection to the new Math Mail Server for use with Apple Mail. If you have had any problems with this guide please submit a workorder specifying your difficulties to sasit.rutgers.edu/submit-a-workorder.

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