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Platform: Mac OS

Level of Difficulty: Beginner
The following procedure describes how to access your Novell home directory on a Mac OS computer.


1. An Apple system running Mac OS X 10.6x or later. Power PC architecture is no longer supported.

2. A properly configured Novell account with a Universal Password. If you do not have a Universal Password, please go to- https://secure.sas.rutgers.edu/apps/pwchange/ to create one.

Logging On to Novell:

1. Click here to download the Novell Kanaka Desktop client

2. Drag the Kanaka Client to your Desktop. In OS 10.6 and up, it will be located in your Downloads folder (Image A). Click on the Downloads folder located in the Dock to expand it. (Image B)

Image A. Mac Dock Image

Image B. Drag the Kanaka Client to your Desktop


3. Enter kanaka.sas.rutgers.edu for Server. Enter 3089 for Port. Username is your Novell username, not your NetId. The format: [username].users.[department_context].fas is no longer necessary.
For example, user “JBloggs” in department Classics would login as:

Your Password is the new Universal Password set at https://secure.sas.rutgers.edu/apps/pwchange/

Kanaka login window

5. The network shared drives will mount under Shared in a Finder window (A). To mount the shared drives on your Desktop, open the Finder Preferences and check Connected servers. Double click the drive icons to access your Home directory, Workgroup directory and Applications directory (B).

A. Network shares


Finder Preferences
mapped drives

6. When you are connected to the Novell server, you will have read & write access to the following network shares:

Home Directory - This is your personal file area. You are granted a limited amount of space on this part of the server to store information that will not be shared by other users. You can create folders and files in this area without restriction until you reach your space limit.

Applications - Application files and other data used to allow the system to operate are stored in this drive. Most users will never need to navigate through this drive.
Read/Write Workgroup - This area is used for sharing files with multiple users. If you need to share files with someone you should send an e-mail to the system administrator asking that a directory be created in the Workgroup folder. After providing the sysadmin with the name you would prefer, a list of users and the type of access the users should have, a directory will be created where you can store your files. Only files related to Rutgers business should go in the Workgroup folder.


General Notes

Your space on the server is limited but can be expanded if necessary. Space limitations are put in place to protect the system from one user consuming too much space. If you find that you are running out of space, simply submit a work order requesting more space. Your department's Unit Computing Manager will take a look at the space in question to determine whether or not you could make better use of the space you have. If the space currently available is being used properly, more space will be provided.

To manage your space properly, remove files that are no longer needed. Clean up old e-mail and attachments, compress large files that aren't used very often, etc. Please do not store personal digital photos, itunes libraries, personal digital video or audio books in your Home directory.

Under no circumstances should programs be stored or installed on a network drive. If you have a piece of software that needs to be installed on the network, contact the system administrator and request that it be installed. NEVER install software on one of your network drives. If the administrator detects unauthorized software installation on the server, it will be removed immediately.

Home Directory

Your Home folder is space that is private and cannot be accessed by anyone except you. The files in this area are secure and are backed up every night when the system is backed up. All files that you use (ie personal documents, research work) and are not used by other users should be stored in this folder. You can create folders or files in your Home directory to suit your needs.

Applications Folder

This drive is used for storing your departments applications.

Workgroup Folder

You may or may not have rights to write to folders in this area. If you haven't requested or been granted access to a workgroup folder, you will not be able to save information into this area.

Additionally, you will only see the folders that you have permission to see. There can be 100 different workgroup folders in the Workgroup folder but if you only have access to two of them, you will only see two folders.

If you need a folder created please contact the system administrator and provide the following information:

  • Folder Name: The name of the folder you would like to create
  • User List: The list of users that should be granted access to the new folder
  • Access Level: The Access level for each user (Read or Read/Write)

7. To disconnect from the server, click on the Logout icon in the Kanaka client application. To log back in, double click the Kanaka Client application located on your Desktop.

If you have any difficulty following this procedure, please submit a work order at:

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