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The VPN Client for Windows provides secure remote access to Private Rutgers University resources from personal computers running Microsoft Windows. 

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network technology that creates a secure network connection over the Internet enabling users to access data from a private network, like Rutgers from off campus.  In addition to installing the VPN client software, users will need to use their Rutgers Net ID and passwords.


VPN Client Installation and Configuration

There are two ways to install the client software.  The easiest way for most users is to use the Java-based installer.

1. The Network Connect Client

The Network Connect client may be installed and run on your Windows system directly from the Juniper Pulse SSL gateway. This method requires a current version of Java, which may not be supported in all environments.

  • Your browser will attempt to launch the Java-based setup applet. Select the 'Run" button in the applet.

  • The Java installer will download the Network Connect setup executable and ask to run it. Select the "Yes" or "Always" button, as preferred.

  • Network Connect will open a status panel (Basic view) showing the connecting status. Click Start to connect.  The application will continue to run in the background when this window is closed.

  • Your connection will be displayed in your computer’s Task Tray (located near the clock)

Your computer is now a part of the Rutgers University data network. All data traffic to and from your device will be relayed via the VPN server.

2. VPN client for Windows

The VPN client for Windows installer is available as a downloadable application from the University Software Portal You will need your NET ID and password to log into the portal. Once you have logged in, perform a search for Juniper VPN.


  • Click on the executable file to start the install.
  • When asked if you want to allow the program to make changes to the computer, click "Yes."
  • Once the VPN client is installed it can be found in the Start Menu under "Pulse Secure".
  • To connect, open the Pulse Secure client and click on the "Connect" button.


  • Select "Default" for the realm and check the "Save Settings" box, then click the "Connect" button.


  • Enter in your NetID and password, then click the "Connect" button.


  • To disconnect from your session, click on the arrow in the system tray (near your clock) and click on the Pulse Secure "S" icon, then select "Disconnect".



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