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In order to more easily track requests and leverage all SAS IT staff members, we are moving tracking into the existing SAS IT work order system. While the Kace system will remain online because it is used for some internal tracking, all DLS wide and Chemistry IT requests will now go through the main SAS IT work order system. We will be implementing this change on Monday, April 3rd.

Your interactions with the work order system won't change. You can continue to submit work orders as you have in the past and you will still receive e-mail notifications from the system, they will just look a little different. The system will also allow for easy submission of work orders using the web form here: This page will also allow you to see the list of your outstanding items.

The only new requirement relates to the submission of secure or confidential work orders. Under normal circumstances, work orders submitted in the system are visible to all SAS IT staff in order to maximize the speed at which we can respond to issues. If you require assistance that is confidential or would require us to certify the identity of the person submitting the message, you'll need to use the web submission link and check the Secure/Confidential box. You will then be asked to authenticate with your NetID so we can be sure that you are the person submitting the request. Examples of when a secure/confidential work order would be required includes changes in access permissions or account creation and removal requests.

Since the SAS IT work order system is a custom application of our own design, we've added some additional code for users in LIfe Sciences who have relied on Life Sciences Active Directory rather than the central Rutgers directory. This will make it easier for DLS users to submit requests into the system but I strongly suggest that users update their central directory entries to contain the current DLS e-mail address. This will also help you when the time comes to migrate to the new Rutgers Connect system. You can update your information by visiting and following the Manage Email Addresses link so you can define your "official" Rutgers address. It would also be helpful if you also checked your phone number in the central directory. If it needs to be updated you can do so by visiting, clicking Employee Self Service and then Phone Numbers. Having an accurate phone number in the directory will make it easier for us to reach you once you've submitted your request.

Please let me know if you experience any problems using the new system.

- Tom

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