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Our office has created templates that we believe will serve the needs of most areas and we have attempted to provide enough flexibility in terms of color, banner, background and slideshow changes to allow each area to personalize the template for their specific needs.

However, we recognize that, for some areas, the website templates that we've created simply won't work.  If this is the case with in your area, you can take advantage of our fee based design services. 

The SAS will provide web hosting free of charge for standard web content including up to one gigabyte of drive space.  Departments can pay a nominal yearly fee should they require drive space in excess of one gigabyte.

In addition to the fees for structural changes to the website, we also offer web editing services at a flat hourly rate to departments.


Charges for our services are detailed below:

Web Content Editing $16/hr Editing of any Joomla website that was created by the SAS IT office will be handled for the hourly fee with a minimum 1/4 hour charge per request. This does not include website design changes, only content modifications. For example, the addition of a faculty member to a list or the editing of phone numbers on the site.
Web Development and Design $65/hr Development and Design fees apply to minor customization of an existing template to a complete customized site design.  There is a minimum 1/2 hour charge per request for design and development.
Initial Site Setup $500  Charged for the initial setup of the Joomla website. This fee is waived for any Department or Center that does not yet use our Joomla system and is setting up the main page for their Department or Center. This includes the creation of the site, registration of the hostname, site branding and the creation of administrative accounts.

Hourly Web Content Editing

Price: $16/hr with a 15 minute minimum charge per request.

The Joomla content management system is relatively easy to learn and we provide training classes, test sites and online tutorials to help users learn how to maintain their own sites. It is our hope that at least one person in every department would learn how to use the system so they can make their own changes when necessary. However, we do recognize that some departments will have web maintenance requirements that cannot be handled by existing staff. Rather than have departments hire their own assistants, we will do it for a fee.

In order to take advantage of this service either the Chairperson or main administrative person in your area should submit a secure (click the "Confidential" box) workorder with the following information:

- The names of the people who are authorized to request changes
- The name of the person who should receive account updates and bills

To initiate the actual changes, the Chairperson or senior administrative member of a given group must designate the person who is authorized to make requests on their behalf. That person can then submit a workorders to make changes to the site. The workorder can include as many changes as needed and the web editors will keep track of the amount of time it takes to complete the requests. Each workorder will have a minimum of a 15 minute charge associated with it so you are encouraged to group together smaller web editing requests.

After each web editing job is complete, the workorder closure message will include the total amount of time taken to complete the task, the total charge and your total outstanding balance.

Once your outstanding balance reaches $500 or we reach the end of the fiscal year, we will request that you process a journal entry to transfer the funds.

Web Development and Design

Price: $65/hr with a 30 minute minimum charge per request


Price: $500*

* This fee is waived for SAS departments and centers that are not currently on Joomla and are setting up the primary website for their area.

This fee is for the initial setup of the site and includes the creation of a new instance of Joomla, creation of a new database on the mySQL server, branding of the site in the banner, registration of the requested hostname and the creation of the accounts you'll need to manage the site.


There are two ways that web pages can be changed in Joomla.  The most common method is to use the web interface to make changes to the content itself and the more complex method involves modifying the template that is used to display that content.  Typically our office handles all template modifications and content modification is handled both by our office and the individual website owners.

When our staff handles the modification of templates we also take responsibility for updating those templates as necessary upgrades are installed to the underlying Joomla! system.  These updates can be as minor as changing a few tags to a complete port of the existing template's look a feel to an entirely new version.

If website owners would like to make their own template changes, they are free to do so, however, at that point they become responsible for template maintenance.  That means that when our staff updates the underlying version of Joomla!, the websites owners would be required to make any adjustments necessitated by the upgrade.

Our office will provide ample notice of the upgrade as well as a development site so work can be done without disruption of the main site.  If the website owner doesn't make the updates within a reasonable period of time, our staff will, at our discretion, either publish the upgraded site without regard to the problems that exist or we will make the modifications and bill the department.


All design work will be accompanied by an estimate detailing the approximate number of hours needed. Longer projects (such as a complete site redesign) will require additional hours for planning and may be eligible for discounted hourly pricing.

It is extremely important that there are no long gaps during the design process and that each project be completed in a reasonable period of time.  Projects that experience extensive delays often suffer both in terms of the site design and the overall expense of the project.  The web developer should never have to wait more than two weeks for requested information. Finally, please keep in mind that no web developer is working on a single project full time. 

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